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  1. M

    Jade Frati #6

    All, keep this about the account in question. Not small accounts
  2. Lrkn27

    Jade Frati #5 We can’t be bothered!

    Well done @beebee789 for the shite title 😂 You don’t tell us what to do 2Frat, for your cheek you have another shite title thread 😜
  3. Lrkn27

    Jade Frati #4 2Frat no more, hello 2Scat.

    Loves talking about jobbies & taking pictures of them, each to their own. As you were…
  4. Lrkn27

    Jade Frati #3 Aff the app and on a TAAAAAG her jobby pics will make you gag.

    Well done @PhannyPhart on the thread title As you were…
  5. Slowpoker

    Jade Frati #2 Wax melts no more & selling photos of her poo for a score

    If anyone wants to recap they can. I'm too lazy.
  6. Wee Toots

    Jade Frati - East end ned who screams and shouts, tag on her ankle so she's not allowed out

    Accounts - jadefrati..@yes_the_girl