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  1. qwikti

    Jack Edwards #4 Supermassive Jack Hole (in his subscribers' pockets)

    Come one, come all, to thread #4 of the ever expanding library, never expanding vocabulary or knowledge of youtube's 'resident librarian' - Jack Edwards. Recap of Monsieur Edwards’ Escapades - All the same pretending to read, empty facade of intelligence and worldliness while being entirely...
  2. qwikti

    Jack Edwards #3 Liberté! Fraternité! No-Jacques-té!

    Roll up, roll up to 3rd thread of the self proclaimed 'youtube’s resident librarian' - the writer who never seems to write anything, booktuber who never seems to read anything, the Parisian Prince himself - Jack Edwards. If Jacques is to continue doing what he's been doing, expect - stealing...
  3. M

    Jack Edwards #2

    Couldn't find a name suggestion so have just left his name. If anyone has title ideas let me know and I shall ask a mod to edit it! Jack Edwards is a UK Studytuber who does a fair bit of book content. He studied English at Durham, didn't get into a Masters at Oxford, and is now working as a...
  4. H

    Jack Edwards

    Couldn't find a thread on him...what is everyones views? I don't mind him but the constant Oxford chat is annoying. Also - he is definitely gay - no issue here - but he needs to accept it!