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  1. anastasia1989

    Freddy My Love #8 Too poorly to work, unless there's champagne, or a train to Paris

    Title inspired by @BigPinkBow via @My Dahlings Its me I changed it up so it wasn't too similar to the last thread title, and because I simply had to include a reference to the champagne & flu pill popping party. We also didn't have any clear thread title suggestions. Anyone up for a recap?
  2. custosmorum

    Freddy My Love #7 Little Miss “Hasn’t Grown Out of Her Princess Stage”

    Thanks @PettyBettyBoop and the Flossy girl herself for the thread title! Freddy believes living luxurious means choosing form over function. “Choose the prettiest dinnerware and sofas, don’t worry about how practical it is”. What a bad advice.
  3. PettyBettyBoop

    Freddymylove #6 Cinderfreddy you poor toddler

    Welcome to thread 6! Thanks for the title suggestion @raleigh
  4. PettyBettyBoop

    Freddy My Love #5 Flossie Mc Lazy Narcissist Hazy and Ad Crazy.

    New Thread and Welcome! Thank you to both @slamvs27 & @focusdochas for the title suggestion with 13 votes each (a tie at the time). Worthy mention to @serasera for this hilarious suggestion too: Freddy My Love #5 Flossie Mc Lazy - Dressed like an infant, pretty please click my aff link (with...
  5. PettyBettyBoop

    Freddy My Love #4 Cheap mess of pink decor, it's like Versailles ducked a dollar store

    Welcome to thread # 4! Title suggestion by @Nope Nope! *Just a heads up to all. We can’t use certain words even if censored as titles according to the rules of the site. F*cked was automatically changed to Ducked. Just a heads up for future titles.
  6. PettyBettyBoop

    Freddy My Love #3 Wannabe posh brat with the mixed matched styled flat!

    Welcome to thread #3. Thread suggestion by @klady
  7. PettyBettyBoop

    Freddy My Love #2 Mean girl in sheep’s clothing

    Thread #2 thanks to @Glossimer TLDR: Bullying her way to the top with Pink everything. Bought a flat thanks to those affiliate links and freebies. Previous thread:
  8. boredjess

    Freddy My Love

    OH MY ..she was recommended in my YT.. And I think my IQ just got lowered watching this video and she has 762k subs does anyone here watches her enough to trash her?