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  1. WhatABore

    Enjoying being Emma #7 Toothache, headache, faceache, enjoying her life is something emma can’t even fake

    New thread time! Title thanks to @Offish with 15 likes. @Justheretolurk was close with 14 šŸ˜‚ Both sum Emma up perfectly. Quick recap: -She's boring as f -Hates her kids -Hates her husband -Hates everything apart from a hot bath
  2. WhatABore

    Enjoying being Emma #6 Every day getting more and more snappy, now even school doesn’t keep her happy

    New thread! Title by @Justheretolurk! RECAP - Hates her kids. Won't spend money on her kids. Spends loads of money on herself. Would rather be at work than at home. Dreads spending time with her kids. Is miserable. Always has been. Always will be.
  3. WhatABore

    Enjoying being Emma #5 Face like a slapped arse, can’t wait to get back to her claas

    New thread title thanks to @Karliz
  4. WhatABore

    Enjoying Being Emma #4 Always in a negative mood, trying eating some proper bloody food!

    New thread title thanks to @turndownforwhat Little bit of recap. Moans she can't afford baby sitters and doesn't have family to palm the kids off to so her and John can go out. Yet she's in bed by 8pm anyway every night so not like she wants to spend time with him. Always has a headache...
  5. WhatABore

    Enjoying Being Emma #3 Always moaning about James and John. Everyday something's wrong

    Thread title thanks to @NormaBates
  6. WhatABore

    Enjoying Being Emma #2 Headaches every single day, James don’t mess up that tuff tray

    Thanks to @Justheretolurk for the thread title suggestion with the most votes šŸ˜ I'm very boring with recaps but here's a recap of the last thread. She's dull, her posts are dull, she controls everything her son does, he isn't allowed to play by himself, she hates her job, she doesn't appear to...
  7. Acorncollecter

    Theslimmingteacher / Enjoying being Emma

    This woman is OBSESSED with her weight. Yes she lost an amazing amount of weight and should be proud. But she just goes on and on and on about it. Plus while being pregnant with her much wanted baby...all she went on about was her weight gain and hardly ate. How can you enjoy the rest of your...