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Daniel James Osborne (born 27 June 1991) is an English television personality, known for being a former cast member on the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex. In 2018, he was a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother, reaching the final and finishing in third place.

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  1. SpindleWhorl

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osbourne #7 The Sumo & the Rake

    Trusting that this is the correct new thread title. Jacq's back..
  2. Jelly Bean

    Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne #6 Jossa and the lying cheating dosser

    Thanks to @MuddledWater for the thread suggestion. If anyone wants to do a recap of the last thread that would be great!
  3. Jelly Bean

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osborne #5 Has he left her yet?

    New thread title overwhelmingly most popular suggestion! Thanks to @liar liar . Does anyone want to provide a last thread recap? I just remember some incredibly unflattering shorts on Jacqueline. And at time of writing this he was still with her I think.
  4. calmyourritas

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osborne #4

    New thread I wonder what this one will bring? 🤔 I guess a new ITS “drop” that’s perfick for the school run and can be worn with a chunky trainer or a boot! and some passive aggressive stories from DanLIE
  5. M

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osborne #3

    New thread
  6. crap Bag thanks

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osborne #2

    Continue here... hope I’ve done this right!! how unflattering is this image!! She looks pregnant.
  7. Y

    Jacqueline Jossa & Dan Osborne

    Mr Osbourne has never been a nice man. He also told his ex that Jacqueline was a mistake, whilst Jacqueline was pregnant with his baby. He’s vile