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  1. dee_mc

    Conor McGregor #7 Roadhouse? Conor more like Roadkill.

    New thread title courtesy of @Calalily4 - most popular suggestion with 26 likes Anyone want to attempt a recap of thread 6?
  2. dee_mc

    Conor McGregor #6

    New thread for Conor McGregor.
  3. dee_mc

    Conor McGregor #5 Pumped up on Steroids with a Face like a Haemhorroid

    Thread 5 title courtesy of @Kandu Waddiwan with 45 thanks Anyone want to attempt a summary of thread 4? Thread 4 here
  4. Notintheknow

    Conor McGregor #4 Conor Conor Conor can't you see, that all your pretend mates & family live off you for free

    Thread suggestion is a winner from @Calicali A nod to the notorious PIG. There was another suggestion from u with an equal number of likes. It was the one about Conor and Aoife being up a tree šŸ˜‚ The recap is long so I'll spare you. TLDR: mack gee is still the epitome of a deadbeat of a man...
  5. Notintheknow

    Conor McGregor #3 Mack Gee, goin around in grubby trackies, must be skint from his paid lackeys.

    Not sure whether there were any other title suggestions from the last thread. Summary: Mack Gee is still a cheapo fraud and still gets hard ons around other men.
  6. doawheelie

    Conor McGregor #2 on the white and full of shi

    Thanks @throwawaykid12 for the new title. Conor is still a scumbag & Dee is still a doormat. Continue on...
  7. Meoulpal

    Conor Mcgregor

    Conor Mcgregor Engaged to Dee , baby number three but hel never stop banging all the gee! This should be interesting!!