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Chloe Ferry (born Chloe West Etherington; 31 August 1995) is an English television personality from Newcastle, known for being a cast member in the MTV reality series Geordie Shore. She also took part in the nineteenth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2017.

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  1. Red hair dont care

    Chloe Ferry #7 Ran out of money so living with Mummy ran back to jugz for some honey

    New thread (finally) for Chole Ferry. So recap, Ferry Homely does it exist anymore? A Tattler bough her sponges that she raves about, not a good review given 😂😂 new brand is Oh that vibe, still looks cheap and tatty. Keep posting loads from Glamdoll. Occasionally puts #ad on them. Reported...
  2. Red hair dont care

    Chloe Ferry #6 her class is lower than her ass

    So thread 6 for Miss Chloe Ferry Thanks to @Beavana for the thread title Her house is up for rent yep the modern home that looks like a office building but still getting lots of freebies. Not sure if those sponges are selling well 🤔 Has gone blonder and then more blonder soon. She asked her...
  3. Red hair dont care

    Chloe Ferry #5 Wish she'd wear a suitable bra but least she's reaching for higher fings

    New thread Chloe Ferry Completely unrecognisable from pre Geordie Shore. The Lips as big as her hips and the eye fuckery 1🙄 New house and Salons for her now, award winning too but still puts on begging pleas on Instagram 🤬😡
  4. 265

    Chloe Ferry #4 Out in Dubai, lips getting fatter, pinch your nose and mind the splatter.

    Welcome to #4 Thanks to heavy_electrons for the thread title, sadly I had to adjust to fit. Previous thread - Carry on People. Chloe's latest stories, one of which from the last...
  5. 265

    Chloe Ferry #3 now a Dubai potty, hotel room is always grotty

    Thank you Yukon909 for the suggestion. Welcome to #3 Last thread - Carry on people. Latest from her IG, she's still out there in Dubai, is she ever coming back?
  6. 265

    Chloe Ferry #2 I've seen Chloe's backside more than my own

    Thread title by Cucumber and Eggs Continuing from Kicking off the thread with some disgusting behaviour from Chloe and not a mask in sight...
  7. C

    Chloe Ferry

    First of all, didn’t know if she is actually classed as a celeb lol. But what does everyone think of her?