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Charlotte-Letitia Crosby (born 17 May 1990) is an English television personality, known for appearing in the MTV reality series Geordie Shore and winning the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother. In 2017, she began presenting Just Tattoo of Us, and in 2018, Crosby began starring in her own reality series, The Charlotte Show.
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  1. Lalalaand

    Charlotte Crosby #6

    Couldn’t find any thread suggestions and last one was way over! As you were…
  2. L

    Charlotte Crosby #5 Face like ham, shilling her baby on the gram

    Well done @ivegotcontrol for the winning thread title! Can anyone do a recap?
  3. That’sOk

    Charlotte Crosby #4

    New thread. I couldn’t find any thread suggestions, soz. (In future if there are any suggestions make sure they clearly state ‘thread suggestion’, it just makes it easier, not that I’m teaching you all to suck eggs) Recap: She is pregnant. Her latest boyfriend Jake is the father. Her lips are...
  4. yeahyouhun

    Charlotte Crosby #3

    Thread number 3! Couldn’t find any thread suggestions in most liked posts. Previous thread:
  5. yeahyouhun

    Charlotte Crosby #2

    Thread 2!
  6. J

    Charlotte Crosby

    Omfg has anyone seen her face the past couple of days on the Daily Mail? Completely ruined herself with fillers.