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  1. Yel

    Bowelbabe #4

    Please report to add a title. Let's not argue with each other, be respectful of everyone and agree to disagree :)
  2. Ellyjelly

    Bowelbabe #3 What won’t Bowelbabe sell next?

    New thread, title by @sharpie69
  3. G

    BowelBabe #2 finally discharged! How long before an #AD appears on the gram!

    carry on ladies I am glad she has made it out of hospital and seems to be doing well considering what she has been through. I wouldn't wish what she has been through on my worst enemy. Lets hope she gets some time with her family.
  4. Q

    Deborah James - bowelbabe

    Sorry if there’s already a thread about her I’ve tried to find one but nothing specific.... I don’t want come across nasty as I’m not (far from it) but she’s really annoying me now! I have cancer stage 4 although not bowel, the other week she had surgery and started chemo again.... yet went...