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  1. AFlyOnYourWall

    BlossomingBirds #6 Sashaying Her Way To 100k

    Highlights from the last thread include - Anna FINALLY hitting that elusive 100k follower count! (No big announcement or celebration though, as it will go back down to 99k again the same way it’s been doing for several months now) - Colin packing in his old job and being promoted to Head Bitch...
  2. Itsmedoctortea

    Blossomingbirds #5

    New thread for Anna blossomingbirds Busy mum of 3 gorgeous little cash cows gurllls Social media Guru #ad, #ad and oh yes #ad Has just won the Nobel prize for taking down all the trolls 🥴 Oh wait we are still here! Coffee cup never far away :coffee: But on here, we like the tea :giggle:
  3. Oohthedrama

    Blossomingbirds #4

    New thread for this account. if someone wants to do a recap of anything important that happened please do.
  4. R

    Blossomingbirds #3 Constant ads and a lazy louse; Insta just threw up all over her house

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  5. E

    Blossomingbirds #2 affiliate links & flogging tat, she's nothing but a copy cat!

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  6. E


    So today she had a migraine so bad that she lost her vision, and had to get her mum round to help, yet still was able to do her ads on her grid and stories ... either she doesn’t know what a real migraine is actually like, or she’d battle through anything just for a few £