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  1. cherryblues

    Arab Influencers, fakes and flakes #4

    Welcome to the new thread everyone! Continue the tattling as you were before! ❤
  2. cherryblues

    Arab Influencers, fakes and flakes #3

    New thread everyone! Keep tattling away! ❤
  3. kev1974

    Inside Dubai: Playground of the Rich - BBC

    Anyone see this latest Inside Dubai programme on Monday night? I think there's only been one episode broadcast on TV so far but Iplayer has two further episodes. Full of your usual shallow and thoroughly unlikeable knob people who haven't done anything truly worthy enough to justify their...
  4. ksr96

    Arab Influencers, fakes and flakes #2

    New thread! As you were ❤️🔥
  5. rosesrevenge

    Arab Influencers Fakes and Flakes

    Know why Arab influencer Lying about fillers and cosmetic surgeries? Faking ages and ethnicities? Escorting or sugar babies? Cheaters? Liars? Lifestyle fakers? Bullies? All of the above? Spill. I’ll start Miriam Rod Australian born Kurdish girl before her nose job and fillers. Moved to Dubai...
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