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  1. Justwannaseescreenshots

    Zara McDermott #7 Who’s she shagging at BBC to get another “documentary”?

    New thread title won by @That’sOk In summary, she’s still about me me me even when it’s about somebody else she still makes it about ME. Zara is on HER 2nd “doc” release yet again ironically relating to issues she’s a direct cause of. Aunt Z is pushing her family status on the Thompson gang...
  2. That’sOk

    Zara McDermott #6 presenting duties and oversized boobies

    Thread suggestion by @hol20x 😘 Anyone want to do a recap?
  3. calmyourritas

    Zara McDermott #5 David has one eye on Sam and the other on the Gram...

    Thread title by our @lozzapaloozza I added the bit about David because I felt it was necessary 🤣🤣
  4. lozzapaloozza

    Zara McDermott #4 Liar liar fake tits on fire, promoting ED’s to those who admire

    New thread! Title by myself thanks guysss ❤️
  5. whatstheteab

    Zara McDermott #3 Doesn’t give a damn about cheating on Sam, the entire gram is a scam

    Title creds to @calmyourritas! Had to edit it slightly for it to fit.
  6. I

    Zara McDermott

    Who wants to start? Discuss! Lol
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