Zara McDermott #5 David has one eye on Sam and the other on the Gram...

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Does anyone remember the MIC episode where Sam couldn't understand why Zara needed space during X Factor and she cried and told him she's never done anything to make him feel insecure
Honestly the more you think about the absolute shite she told him then the more baffling it is that he took her back. How on earth could you ever trust somebody so deviously deceitful? Couple her lying so easily & all that gaslighting with hiding it for a year and not even coming clean off of her own back... it's a lot. The fact she even tried to paint herself with the "everyone makes mistakes" brush was audacious. I guess it's not surprising that she seemingly has no lasting friendships...


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I live kinda close to the MIC cast well some including these two Im dying to see her body in person for my own minds sake lol

Whenever she says her implants are natural looking, I remember this photo... 丹領儭
The thing is right does this not hurt I have quite a large chest G/H and wearing a bra or some tight tops literally hurt so badly so how

Also they met up n had sex firing lockdown which is against the whole lockdown lol he just wants sex
I know this is Zaras thread but on the subject of MiC and what I eat in a day posts... I thought Zaras was adequate but Tiffany Watsons is serious restriction!!! At least she doesnt seem to be deleting comments and you can see peoples thoughts.
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