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    Other Scandals & Controversy

    White Moose – more coming soon
    Triggering Pregnancy Content – more coming soon
    Connor’s Hair Transplant & Breaking Lockdown Rules - more coming soon

    Elle’s Pregnancy and Saint Seven Swift’s Arrival Earthside (2021)

    True to form Elle milked every single bit of pregnancy, birth and baby content that she could. We had the cringe pregnancy announcement photoshoot, the cringe announcement video, the OTT baby shower, the Full Term Cringe photoshoot, the birthing vlogs stretched out over 2 videos for maximum engagement and views, the birth announcement itself (more on that in a moment) and the drawn out process of building the hype for the baby name reveal video.

    Elle had a bit of a controversial start to her pregnancy as in early 2021 when Lockdown Rules were still very tight in the UK post-Christmas. The message from the Government was to not embark on any non-essential travel, stay local, don’t put any unrequired pressure on the NHS, emergency, or breakdown services. Elle had accompanied Connor to get a (gifted) hairline transplant miles away from where they lived. Not just Tattle, but some of their followers were also shocked at how blatantly selfish they had been. It caused enough of a ripple that it was mentioned in a podcast at the time. Elle was putting herself and her baby at risk, Connor was having a non-urgent cosmetic procedure for no apparent reason.

    Alongside eagle-eyed viewers spotting the “blink and you’ll miss it moments” in the Pregnancy reveal video where Elle and Connor had travelled to other family homes and had visitors to their home to reveal their news (bearing in mind this was still only 10 months into the Pandemic and the Vaccine Roll Out had barely started) tensions were still high for a lot of people that didn’t even get to see their own families over Christmas due to isolating or Lockdown Rules. The video featured a lot of tickbox cringey moments – slow mo shots, uplifting piano music, flashback scenes to her Mum, running down a hill in a white dress with her hair extensions trying to make their own run for it too.

    Elle spent her entire pregnancy eating tuna baguettes, Maryland Biscuits and Chocolate Digestives. Strangely, something in her well-balanced diet caused her to have really bad heartburn towards the end of her pregnancy, and she ended up on some “pregnancy heartburn medication” (Gaviscon to commoners).

    Maternity Fashion

    Elle treated us to some absolute belters when it came to maternity fashion. From her maternity haul try on at about 6 weeks pregnant, to the “Unitard in the Piss Stained Car Park” look, the “Roger From American Dad” Look to the “Full Term Pregnant Loo Roll Holder” look, below are some of the favourites we were subjected too saw from our style kween. (Images coming soon)

    Baby's Birth

    Baby Digestive's birth (Saint Seven Swift) was announced on Instagram in a way unique as it was baffling. A white video (literally nothing, just a white square) where you have to turn the volume up loud enough to hear the sound of newborn noises (cute) and then in the background the sound of someone finishing a piss (Connor) and flushing the toilet at the very end. Lovely.

    Most Instagram followers were lead to believe their Instagram feed was broken due to the white square and lack of photo. Saint Seven Swift (Triple S) was born on the 10th July 2021, and announced on the 11th July in the hopes of trying to get some attention away from the fact that England were playing in the Euro Finals that day too. Football’s Coming Home and Mummy and Daddy’s newest Content Creator was coming home too.

    Pretty Little Thing announced the birth on their Facebook page, however, contrary to popular belief, the entire population does not in fact know who Elle Darby is and most comments said “Who?”

    They were spotted out and about on the 19th July 2021 on their way to register SSS by a Tattler, who managed to take a couple of sneaky photos. Well done @IceQueenMon


    The Queen of Photoshop


    Elle is the Queen of Photoshop and has also been known to lie about her size. Now, this is actual where we can get a bit more serious for a moment. This is not in the name of body shaming; this is something that is damaging young people increasingly as a society. In fact, more than once a new member has joined the Elle Tattle thread after previously following her, and said they were made to feel inadequate about their own shape and clothes size because Elle would very often be economical with the truth about her clothes size (especially when people ordered items off the Angelle Website). It is sad to see so many young, impressionable young people effected by not just Elle, but Influencers in general not being honest and using photoshop, lighting and angles (Yes, Angles not Angels) to create a more ‘perfect’ image and putting other peoples self worth at risk.

    Quite often the image Elle herself has uploaded to Instagram has been in stark contrast to the image we see in her Vlogs from the same event. This needs to be called out as it's devious and damaging to those who do struggle with body image issues.









    Family Tree

    Elle’s Family Tree

    Connor Swift = aka Con/Con Job/No You Didn’t Connnuhhh/One Cup Con/Count Con – Connor and Elle have been together since approx. Turns out both of their Dad's had spent time in prison, so that must be a nice thing to bond over. 2014/2015. They got engaged in the Summer of 2020. Elle moved out of the family home after quitting and returning home from Bristol Uni and into Connor’s family home when she then quit her day job and wanted to make YouTube her career. She started to document her journey in Body Building, both her and Connor were part of the early Insta/YouTube Gym Lifestyle movement. They eventually moved in together and rented a flat, then onto another property before eventually purchasing their own home in 2019. Not much is really known about Connor’s family as they have very rarely been featured at all in anything. A small glimpse of them in the pregnancy announcement video. During December 2021 it was also noted that Connor’s Mum and Sister were no longer following Elle on Instagram – there were rumours of a rift, but nothing was confirmed or revealed by anyone.

    AKA “Count Con” – it is rumoured that he is in fact over a hundred years old and keeps rising from the dead. We’ve never seen a 20 something year old man look so pale and, well dead. He certainly gives off Vampire vibes.

    AKA “One Cup Con” – Elle is known for being OTT with gifts and presents, Connor…. Not so much. Whilst Elle was pregnant, Connor did the bare basic and gave her a “One Cup of Tea Per Day” voucher to use for either Valentine’s Day or her Birthday. Which doesn’t cut the mustard when Elle in fact needs about 10 cups of tea per day to dunk all her biscuits into.

    Connor is also known for following, looking up and liking Instagram models as young as 16, a few years ago he had a Q&A and you could see clearly that he had a pic of a girl that was not Elle blurred out. There have been many occasions in Vlogs where Elle enters the room and Con quickly moves or hides his phone away. More than once rumours have surfaced about Connor being the opposite of Couple Goals with girls behind Elle’s back on nights out.

    On holiday a few years ago in Turkey, Elle was taken ill one night and was taken to hospital. Dreamy Con stayed out all night clubbing instead. What a Dreamboat.

    As one Tattler commented in December 2021: "Whether Elle believes the specific cheating rumours or not, she should be definitely wondering why this many people think so little of Connor, and constantly pull him up for acting shady or disrespectfully. Yes, this is a gossip site but I don’t see cheating rumours flying around so often on other threads”.

    This absolute iconic photo and comment from @Ellyjelly and @ChubClubThug is another Tattle Meme/Legend. One of the highest liked posts on any of Elle’s Tattle threads.



    Katie Darby = Elle has a younger sister called Katie (aka Kit Kat, who is adorable and who Tattle have a lot of love & respect for) Elle noticed early on that she got more views (more money) when her Vlogs featured Katie, so started to feature her more and then started using her name in the Vlog Titles for Clickbait. Some of Elle’s highest ever viewed videos (apart from her Apology, Engagement, Pregnancy Announcement & Birth videos) feature Katie. In December 2021, Elle took Katie on her long awaited and long delayed birthday trip to New York (gifted for Katie’s birthday before the Pandemic) at this point Saint was now on the scene, and Elle, seeing the opportunity to make some Vlogmas Dollar booked the NYC trip for December 2021 and bought Connor and Saint along too. The Christmas Vlogmas in NYC were heavily criticised by some due to Elle making the trip all about her, and not Katie.

    Deborah Darby = Elle’s Mum. Very sadly she passed away March 2020 due to a long battle with Cancer.

    Giles Darby = aka Daddy Darby – now owns a couple of pubs (though you’d be sure he’s probably got a very creative accountant….) He gained notoriety for being involved as one of "The Natwest Three" (Google It) He was jailed in America, where during that time Giles, Deborah, Elle and Katie lived in Houston for a while. Then Giles and Deborah were divorced and after prison moved back to the UK. It’s never been confirmed but one of the weird revelations to come out of the old Tweets resurfacing was the mention of Elle having a younger brother – never been mentioned before or since. Nobody knows yet if this is true, if he lives in the UK or possibly the USA. Giles released a book in 2021 about his prison experience and did a feature in the Daily Mail, photographed with Lucy and Elle. A bit like his daughter, he was probably expecting sympathy for a situation he was in fact found guilty of.

    Lucy Jessica Carter = aka LJC is Elle’s Older (step) Sister. They share the same Dad, Giles Darby. Lucy has also been a YouTuber for many years and has been featured in Elle’s Vlogs and vice versa over the years. They actually did a joint video (on Lucy’s Channel) a couple of years ago about detailing their experience about having a Dad in American prison – including a chat with Giles himself. Lucy is married to Jordan and they’ve got a couple of kids. Lucy also has two other sisters who are twins.

    Hector and Herbie (Fur Babies)

    They have two Labradors named Hector (they call him Hecky) and Herbie. They used to get a LOT of gifted stays at Bath Country Pets and Spa. It was like their second home until Bath Country Pets and Spa were made aware of the Twitter scandal and apparently stopped their association with Elle according to a reply they sent to someone on IG. Time will tell if they’ve rekindled their relationship with freebie stays or expected to pay now but it’s assumed when Elle and Connor went on holiday to the USA in March 2022, somebody was housesitting and looking after the dogs at the same time.

    In The Style flop

    Elle had a collection (her one and only collection) with In The Style released in Spring/Summer 2021 where she modelled the maternity version and her sister Lucy modelled the non-maternity version. Apart from the photo shoot and one vlog where she raved about all the pieces, none of these items were ever seen on Elle or mentioned ever again. Such a huge hit that it was, it was all knocked down to £5 within a few months. Must be a kick in the teeth as fellow Frenemy Carys continues to regularly launch new ITS collections still.

    Elle did however give Katie a bin bag full of bits from her flop collection, poor Katie isn’t an Instahun so didn’t get a lovely PR box.


    Glossary/Various Info/FYI:

    Angle/Angles = Elle’s Followers are known as “Angels” – but unfortunately for some of them, and fortunately for us, some of the Angels are not too bright and have in the past have described themselves in their IG comments to be Elle’s biggest Angles.

    Saint/SSS/Schutzstaffel/Suzuki = Saint is Elle and Connor’s SON. Born July 2021 (see the section on Elle’s pregnancy and the birth for full details) He has many nicknames on here, due to the fact that nobody can keep a straight face that a couple from Wiltshire, who believe they are celebrities in their own mind and just 6 degrees of separation from The Kardashians, actually called their SON Saint. SSS = Saint Seven Swift (Yes. Seven. Their lucky number and not to do with the fact they also believe themselves to be another 6 separations from the Beckhams) and Suzuki = as in the car, the Suzuki Swift.

    Tiny Crack = Gone down in Tattle Legend. In Mid-Pregnancy Elle did a Maternity Haul Try on with Connor rating the oufits (give it a watch for the awkward cringe factor alone) in one part, Elle has a blue jumpsuit on and in the mirror behind her you can see the reflection of a tiny arse crack where the material has ridden up. EDL has a tiny crack. That’s all you need to know.

    My SON = Another thing of legend. The birth of one of the greatest moments to come out of the Twitter Scandal that erupted in early 2022 (a HUGE section to read through in this Wiki!) The infamous moment in Elle’s (non) Apology video where she robotically listed people she had let down, and the only moment she shows a real modicum of emotion is when she says “My SON!” with an eyebrow raised and glaring at the camera. (No doubt pissed off at the fact that she’d now struggle over the next few months to monetize any footage of Saint as he reached some profitable stages like his 6 month birthday, 1st Valentines Day, Mothers Day and possibly his 1st birthday if they didn’t return to YouTube in time – more on that in the “NYD 2022 – May 2022 section!) It’s become a Tattle Meme Legend & Quote.

    EDL/EDeLle = EDL is also short for the English Defence League. Early on in the New Year, Elle quickly received the nickname ‘EDL Darby’ by a very clever and ingenious Tattler. Again, another legendary moment that was born of the January 2021 Twitter Shitstorm that has stuck to this day.

    Olivia = If you ever see the name ‘Olivia’ or ‘OliviaBOlivia’ Just. Don’t. Go. There. But for the benefit of any newbies, ‘Olivia B Olivia’ was a Tattler that joined around 2021/early 2022 and was around for the Twitter Scandal. Then all of a sudden, she dropped the bombshell in March/April that she’d been having some kind of affair/dalliance with Connor on and off for 6 years. She claimed to have receipts, but with just one blanked out message exchange the hard evidence wasn’t forthcoming. Another new user popped up and started an argument with her, claiming to know her in real life. Some Tattlers believed her, some didn’t, some were on the fence. Eventually a brilliant Moderator came to our rescue and did some digging to reveal that Olivia had multiple different Tattle accounts and had been arguing with herself! Olivia mysteriously disappeared, never to be heard from again…. No doubt still lurking to see what happens next. Did she really have something going on with Connor? Was she a bored Angle? Was it in fact Connor and EDL on a wind up? So many theories, but let’s not give ‘Olivia’ any more attention (her shenanigans took up about 2 threads and that was enough!)

    Jess = aka JE55 = The numberplate of the person housesitting at Elle and Connor’s house whilst they went on holiday to the USA in March 2022. There is a second “Jess/Jessica” that is sometimes mentioned, due to a picture of Connor with some friends in early 2022 (after the Twitter scandal) sat at a table having a drink with a group of lads and the table had “Reserved for Jessica” on it. Tattlers theories went from – maybe Jessica is one of their partners and booked it for them? Maybe Jessica is a random girl that’s booked the table for later, but the Lads are sat on it for now, and most amusingly “Maybe Jessica is Elle, but doesn’t want people to know it’s her” Ok. Calm down. She’s not a one-named legend like Madonna or Eminem.

    “Someone’s Nan” – Nan became a mythical figure in Summer 2021, when a random user came on to say their Nan had just bumped into Elle and Connor in town and has asked what the baby was called. Apparently it “started with ‘Z’ and ends in ‘achary’…” Nan was a Billy Bullshitter, but nether-the-less the legend of ‘Someone’s Nan’ was committed to Elle Darby Tattle Thread Memory. So much so that a Tattler created an account called ‘Someone’s Nan’ in honour of the joke.

    Justice 4 Mog = Mog was Elle’s cat and a subject of some of her nasty Tweets. We can only hope Mog got justice.

    Piss Stained Car Park = The local carpark of choice for Elle to do all her Urban modelling shoots in. It’s old and stinks of piss.

    Just a friendly reminder from Page One:
    If you wish to watch any of Elle’s YouTube videos without her profiting from them, then you can do so by following this link https://api.invidious.io/ and clicking on what website you want (YouTube) and then searching her name, where any videos she hasn’t deleted since the New Year will be available to watch.
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