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    The Twitter Scandal Timeline

    December 2021 – May 2022

    (See Page One for the original Tweets, the fallout and others reactions to the scandal in the Twitter Evidence section)

    Christmas Vlogmas/Elle’s Birthday & Connor’s Wandering Hands/The Christmas Silence/The Cheating Rumours/The Tweets Exposed/The Silence and The Return

    Mid December: Elle hosts a birthday party at her house. The local neighbourhood WhatsApp group is yet again not happy about the racket they are making late into the evening. Most notably though, Connor is caught with his hands groping around the waist of a friend.
    Screenshot_20220525-065405_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Between the abrupt ending of the Christmas Vlog episodes, Elle’s social media presence before and over the Christmas Holidays becomes unusually quiet. Apart from a Christmas Eve post on Instagram, things are suspiciously quiet owing to the fact that many people believed she would be posting and vlogging content for Saint’s 1st Christmas. That would’ve been a goldmine of money making AdSense opportunities. A lot of dots are joined together and it seems highly likely some kind of fall out happened between them and possibly some of Connor’s family members around this time. Otherwise she would have officially announced she was taking a break over Christmas to have a "magical" time with Con. She responds to this message after a period of unusually strange radio silence without ever officially signing off the Vlogmas episodes at Christmas. You'd think out of Courtesy one of them would have posted an "Out Of Office" message, instead of ghosting their followers.
    Screenshot_20220525-072245_Samsung Internet.jpg

    A member of Tattle claims to have a friend that has been messaging Connor on WhatsApp. A screenshot of his WhatsApp profile was posted. It continues to be up for debate if what was enough proof of yet more rumours about Connor messaging girls as no further evidence was forth coming. It is however confirmed a few weeks later this was in FACT his mobile number at the time, as it matches the mobile number he had put on his Facebook Business Page for his Personal Trainer Services. (literally within minutes of Tattle discovering the link, the mobile number mysteriously disappeared off the Facebook page … HI CONNOR AND ELLE SHOW US YOU READ TATTLE WITHOUT TELLING US YOU READ TATTLE!!)
    Screenshot_20220524-171618_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Also around this time, Connor posts that his phone has been broken and he’s lost all his images. He elaborates the story further a few days later explaining his phone was “smashed in the car door” which seems odd when you consider the following: they had a brand deal with Casetify who claim to have extremely strong phone cases that can be dropped from a quite a height and not be damaged, and if the phone had indeed been smashed in the car door, they own both a Range Rover and a Tesla which both have slow shutting doors. Hmm...

    The plot thickens as it is noted that just before Christmas these things happened:
    - Connor’s Mum and Sister unfollow Elle on Instagram
    - Connor and Elle both spotted on separate visits to their families, appearing on other user’s posts and IG stories
    - People think Elle looks puffy eyed and strained in the photos.
    Screenshot_20220524-164041_Samsung Internet.jpg

    - Then just after Christmas, it’s spotted that Elle has unfollowed Connor’s Mum and Sister on Instagram

    The Angles start to post on Elle’s IG Comments “Where are you Angel? Hope you had a nice Christmas? You’re Very Quiet” and Elle responded to some of the Angles and also appeared to suggest she'd explain about the lack of Christmas content in the New Year. (She never did reveal anything due to the resurfaced Tweets kicking off).

    Things must've seriously been off as in the last few days of the year she's always sure to post an Affiliate link to a £50 Manifestation Journal for the year ahead. Can't miss a little money making opportunity like that!
    Screenshot_20220524-163448_Samsung Internet.jpg

    29/12/2021 A Tattler comes across Connor’s Facebook Profile, where some older posts are public and shares some of the screenshots of some of his slightly (at this time, amusing but probably a mate nicking his phone and doing silly status updates for a joke) public status posts.
    Screenshot_20220525-065745_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-065850_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Soon after, another Tattler searches Connor’s Twitter Page and finds a few more posts which don’t paint him in a good light. Soon enough more searches are made and a number of Tweets using Racial and Homophobic tones are discovered and start to be shared elsewhere online as news reaches other people that know of Elle and Connor. Copies of the Tweets are shared on Twitter, Tik Tok and Instagram. Within hours his Twitter feed is made private.
    Screenshot_20220525-072519_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-073921_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-073409_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-074253_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Brands that have worked with Connor are started to be contacted by Tattlers and other social media users to make them aware of the values and morals of someone they have given free stuff to over the years: Free meals from Hello Fresh, Gifted Buggy and Car Seat for their baby and a gifted hair transplant to name just a few things. Their management team at Gleam Futures is also apparently contacted to be made aware of their client’s old tweets. (Clearly never heard of due diligence when taking people on)

    Then someone starts the ball rolling with THIS comment, both innocently and prophetically LOLLLLLZZZ
    Screenshot_20220525-074825_Samsung Internet.jpg

    BUT THEN 31/12/2021 …. Elle’s old Twitter page is discovered, and a hoard of Tweets come out of the woodwork (all Tweets are in the “Tweet Evidence” Section below) ranging from homophobic comments, racist language, joking about animal abuse and also fatphobic comments. The sheer amount, tone and vile things she had Tweeted about publicly in her teens were unbelievably shocking and disappointing as someone who now at this point had near to a ¾ Million followers on Instagram and was held in high regard by some as a fairly successful, liked YouTuber. Within hours all the Tweets had been shared online in various places and more momentum was gaining on the scandal. Gleam, Elle and Connor had no choice but to address the situation in the name of immediate damage control by trying to save their brand and reputation. It’s also become very evident that all posts on Elle’s Tattle thread are being watched like a hawk by either Elle, Connor, Lily or someone in the Gleam Team.

    Elle makes her Twitter feed private (interesting, as it was actually her OLD Twitter account which was the one that was exposed which took a number of days afterwards to finally be closed down) no doubt to temporarily block any negative Tweets or backlash being posted to her there. It is also noted both their Facebook profiles have disappeared too.
    Screenshot_20220525-074336_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Later on New Years Eve, this Statement (posted only on both their stories, which is only viewable for 24 hours no doubt confusing the Angles that weren’t aware but were about to made aware of the impending backlash) reads…
    Screenshot_20220525-081219_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Hmmm…. Interesting and INCORRECT version of events Elle & Connor! So many questions, but mainly who goes through their old problematic Tweets from years ago and highlights that to the rest of World?

    Many Social Media users start to publicly call Elle and Connor out (with it being New Year the story unravelled over the course of 2-3 days before more people found out due to the online articles starting to appear, alongside reaction videos from other YouTubers and other Instagram users with 1,000’s of followers giving their thoughts on the scandal in their stories – you can find links and screenshots below again in the “Tweet Evidence” Section on Page One of the Wiki)
    Screenshot_20220525-075641_Samsung Internet.jpg

    The sister of Elle's ex-boyfriend from that time (2011-2013 approx, with Indian heritage) has posted and liked Tweets from the last few days in support of exposing Elle for the hurtful comments she made from back in the day.

    This IG story also appears from a girl who publically calls out Elle for repeatedly calling her a racist word just a couple of years ago when she said Hi to Connor. Oh dear Elle. Not looking good is it Hunni?

    A collection of more social media reactions:

    4th January – Elle finally releases an “Apology” video on YouTube. This does not go down well with most of the Internet. Only a few minutes long, no tears, no remorse, no make up and hair scraped back to appear more vulnerable. Wearing a beige top that says “Adulthood” on it, as if that’s proves she’s grown up. She seems to be more upset and angry she was caught out and knew she’d likely be losing £1,000’s in collabs and endorsements as companies that had worked with her previously were already unfollowing and confirming via statements or PM responses to people that had contact them about the Twitter Scandal that they wouldn’t be working with Elle again. More YouTube reaction videos are uploaded in response to her apology video. The fall out continues.

    Also on the 4th January, Connor posts a long apology on his Instagram Page (at least the scandal had certainly deflected the attention away from the cheating rumours and the fact that his newly launched clothing wear company SWFT has already received lots of complaints just before Christmas)
    Screenshot_20220525-083531_Samsung Internet.jpg


    With the fallout still ongoing in early January, Elle and Connor seemingly appear to disappear from social media – though their IG Pages, Saint’s Page and both Angelle and SWFT pages all stay up the comments become restricted on Elle’s. Many Tattlers remain sceptical as even though Elle’s followers start declining rapidly, she appears at times to follow other accounts (notably one of these is a PR Company) One day in early January Connor shares a story of them enjoying life at the beach, which is swiftly removed as he gets called out for sharing anything on IG so soon when their supposed to be “reflecting”.

    Elle is spotted in the background of Lucy's IG story about being in a Bridal Shop with a mutual friend.
    Screenshot_20220527-235748_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Bad feedback on Angelle Collection and SWFT IG Accounts continue to be posted by annoyed customers who haven’t received their full order and are receiving no replies.

    Gleam Futures confirm in an article that they have dropped Elle and Connor, Tattle already knew this as both their profiles had disappeared from the Gleam Futures website. However it will take months for Elle and Connor to remove the Gleam e-mail address from their IG bios. Double awkward as their manager Lily was asked to be Elle’s Co-Maid of Honour alongside her big sister Lucy.

    Rest of January and February are very quiet, apart from the odd photo that Connor is tagged in on IG of him out with some mates for a drink. Local Tattlers do spot the odd coming and going of them and their cars, but not many sightings and it seems they are keeping to themselves. A regular local Tattler hears rumours that they are planning a trip to the USA soon.

    Mainly Elle’s IG comments section is flooded with Die-Hard Angles already forgiving her because she was a “Child”. She was 16/17. You can buy lottery tickets and are at the age of consent. Angles, your Angel Gal Queen was an adult.

    Followers continue to unfollow, the number of BOT accounts following her become more and more obvious. Lota of Bot accounts are reported to Instagram.

    Elle and Connor are spotted with Saint at a Swimming Pool by a local Tattler. They say they both looked nervous and kept looking round as if they thought people were watching them. One Tattler summed it up very well by commenting that they now had a small feeling of what it’s like to be in a minority that is worried and always looking over their shoulder in case they are abused in anyway because of their skin colour. Good Point.

    9th Feb Popular Psychic YouTuber Kirstie Lewis does a Tarot Card reading for Elle regarding the situation she is currently in. Very insightful, is worth a watch as it’s very close to what a lot of people were already thinking about when it came to Elle’s situation and her next moves.

    Rumours also start to appear saying that Elle may have bought a bungalow, possibly near to where her sister Lucy lives. This has never been 100% confirmed, but another theory is she could well own another property that is rented out.

    Early March Angelle Collection e-mail people on their subscribers list with the following statement. Also in March they drop a new Hoody without any kind of fanfare. Some people are excited this is the start of the return, other people comment on IG saying “At least come back and apologise properly before trying to take our money again”. The audacity to release a “Self Worth” Range is an eyebrow raiser for sure!
    Screenshot_20220525-204835_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-204842_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Molly Mae hosts a fashion show which is live streamed. A guest is mistaken for being Elle. Many screenshots and Tattle investigations prove it is just a woman that looks like Elle. Sorry random lady.

    Random Die Hard Angles pop up occasionally on TikTok to declare they have forgiven Elle and just want her back. Every single one of these fans are young white females. No doubt the same ones defending her in the comments from any criticism and also not directly affected by any of the Tweets she posted. Strange That.

    Instagrammer Scarletts World does an IG story in response to all the comments on IG about wanting Elle to return.
    Screenshot_20220525-210938_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-210952_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-211003_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-211426_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Local Tattlers hear that she’s travelling to the States soon and she also believes she can come back to Social Media soon and carry on as normal.

    Elle and Connor spotted by a fellow TikToker at Florida Airport. Yes. They are indeed on a break to the States. We can assume Herbie and Hector aren’t at the Bath Country Dog Place as it appears a friend is housesitting – a car is spotted a number of times with the numberplate containing “JE55”. They appear to be away for a couple of weeks. Reflecting hopefully. Inbetween probably filming footages for Elle’s “New Me” content whenever she returns to YouTube. Because of COURSE she’ll return to YouTube, and a big & significant reason why is coming soon later in this run down when we get to May 2022….
    Screenshot_20220525-212007_Samsung Internet.jpg

    17th of April: Elle is spotted out and about and sneakily papped by a couple of legendary Tattlers. First of all she is spotted with Katie, Saint and her Dad in Chepstow. Then Elle, Saint and friends are spotted cheering Connor on at The Corsham 10k Run a few days later on the 24th April.
    Screenshot_20220525-213115_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220525-215030_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Tattlers have been trying to guess or predict for a while when Elle would be making her return to Instagram or YouTube. Some guessed Mother’s Day, but still seemed too soon. For a short while she had re-activated her comments, but was still getting quite a few comments still calling her out and her followers for the Tweets. All the Angles had forgiven and forgotten and just wanted their Beige Queen of Hearts back. Elle reverted the comments back to restricted – therefore creating her own echo chamber of wonderful comments about her to:
    1) Boost her ego
    2) If any new people stumbled across her IG profile it would look like she was really popular and had never been a homophobic, fatphobic racist in her whole life.

    In April/Early May rumours start to do the round that Elle and Connor might be getting married in France soon. (Elle’s Dad actually has a holiday home in France) These rumours are further exacerbated by the fact that Lucy says she is going to France soon, another Family Friend is going to France soon and everyone’s favourite Welsh 20-something Eucalyptus and Beige Paint loving Pensioners Carys and James were spending a month in France. Carys had posted a photo of them going through their social diary whilst in France and “meeting with friends” was noted, people thought this meant Elle was secretly meeting up with James and Carys. This appears to have not been the case. For one, Carys would’ve been too busy making content for Reddit, ignoring her daughter and spending 2 days decorating her own birthday cake.
    Screenshot_20220525-150147_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Around the 13th of May Elle and Connor are spotted at Bristol airport. Where have they been? Where are they going? Nobody really cares, but it’s fun to guess what their next move is.
    Screenshot_20220525-215412_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Sunday 22nd May: Elle is back on The Gram! She posts a 4 page Megan Markle Inspired Word Salad statement and the Angles have all forgiven her for the racist & homophobic words she said on Twitter that impacted virtually none of them directly. But OK then. Followers creep up slowly, but it will take a long time, if ever for her to return to the sheer number of followers she had before all this kicked off. She finally removes Gleam from her bio and has her own @elledarby e-mail address for enquiries. Tattlers do some quick digging to notice domain names related to Elle have been purchased recently. We expect some kind of website to be launched soon to tie in with her return and re-branding. (check out the “Follower Stats” section for regularly updated figures on her followers).



    Will she go quiet for a while again? Will she stay humble? Will she keep Saint’s face off the Internet and respect his privacy more now? NOT A CHANCE ANGLES! Less than a day later she’s back with another post of her, Connor and Saint on the beach. In America, during their time of ‘Reflection’ in matching outfits, posed and photographed from behind using a timer. She’d been testing the waters with monitoring her IG comments for a while, and had decided to make the step back onto social media. We are yet to be enlightened with how this period of reflection has gone – there has been a hint at having some kind of therapy, which is not to be mocked really as that is a positive thing and hopefully she has indeed taken some of this time to reflect and educate herself – but underneath it all Elle needs the attention and the money.

    One prediction that popped up again and again from many different Tattlers during Elle’s time away was the possibility that her return would sneakily also coincide with and steal the thunder back from the imminent due date of the fellow Queen of Beige Cosy Hauls and frenemy Gemma Louise Miles’ Baby. WELL. WHADDYA KNOW!!

    Oh, also really should point out at this time that it’s been 5 months since she stopped uploading on YouTube, and after 6 months of no uploads, YouTube take your monetisation away. Funny That, EDL…. Funny Indeed

    22/05/22 - Present

    As Elle marks her return to Instagram, following the 1st post, she spends the following few weeks regularly posting pictures from her holiday in Spain with Connor, Suzuki, LJC and her family. As well as a reel of the trip they took to the USA earlier in the year, including a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon and living their best lives.

    As one brilliant Tattler commented 👏😂👏
    Screenshot_20220605-230133_Samsung Internet.jpg

    The Internet was universally unimpressed...

    Screenshot_20220602-212823_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Screenshot_20220527-235643_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Yet some Angles were yet to be educated and were in need of giving their OWN heads a wobble.... 🙄
    Screenshot_20220606-171120_Samsung Internet.jpg

    9th June =A whole host of IG stories including:

    - Exploiting her friend's grief of losing her baby, by hosting a memorial event and posting pictures and videos tagging her long term party planner company at Every Last Detail in. So less about her grieving friend and the darling child they lost, but more about Elle and what a wonderful person she is whilst tagging the party planners for free publicity.
    - followed by a story photo about Suzuki. (Read the room Elle, shoehorning your Son into a post directly after the story about your friend's loss)
    - another story photo "My World" on a dog walk with the baby, Connor & The Dogs (Read the room Elle, your friend has lost Her World)
    - another story photo of her latest prop - a book on George Floyd (Read the room Elle, and try reading a book that's all about reading rooms)
    - followed by a story about how she's been flooded with messages about her return to YouTube, and what would her followers like to see from her. Victimises herself by claiming she's pretty nervous to film again as she hasn't done it for 6 months. Oh. Apart from that long USA Trip you took back in March that you filmed content for AND uploaded a reel too?

    And in other news.... Connor's Stag Do is imminent (bets are on if she called the Las Vegas one off because she wouldn’t be able to track him?) So parents of Bristol & Bath - Lock up your daughters and hang those garlic garlands outside your front door!! 🧛‍♂️🍆💦💦💦

    10th-12th June: Connor’s Stag Weekend Away in London
    Nothing like recently returning to Social Media following a 5 month exile for racist tweets from him and the Missus, for his dopey mates to dress him up in a racist outfit for his stag. Why would you risk that kind of costume when your social media career is already on thin ice?

    Screenshot_20220611-132202_Samsung Internet.jpg

    We can only hope he's kept away from any American Au Pairs on any boozy nights out🤞 🍆💦

    We now await the inevitable YouTube return to see how exactly she'll address or show evidence of her "time off reflecting".... we can just hope she had some free time inbetween all those luxury holidays to contact communities she so badly hurt to learn and grow to pay it forward by educating her following on what she's learnt. OR.... She'll just breeze over it and deflect with some Saint/Wedding/Katie/Primark Haul Content - either way, BRING. IT. ON. EDL!! ✌💋😅

    Just a friendly reminder from Page One: If you wish to watch any of Elle’s YouTube videos without her profiting from them, then you can do so by following this link # and clicking on what website you want (YouTube) and then searching her name, where any videos she hasn’t deleted since the New Year will be available to watch.