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  • Dramas (off stage)

    This page is about Carrie's frequent offstage dramas, tantrums, and hissy fits.

    Page 1 for background on Carrie
    Page 2 for more about her career + extras
    Page 3 for Carrie's relationship with Joel Montague

    Attacking a Fan Account

    During the evening of Friday 3rd March 2023, so two days following the announcement that Carrie had married Joel, she reactivated her twitter account and then went on a meltdown on her Instagram stories.

    Carrie did a number of stories addressing the "rumours" regarding her elopement with Joel and how it “must mean their families don't approve”. She switched between saying friends had sent her the rumours and saying she'd come across them herself.

    Across multiple stories, Carrie angrily stated that her family loves Joel, he goes round to her parents for tea on his own, and she texts his Mum more than Joel does himself, so there was no disapproval regarding their relationship. She was angry that somebody had tweeted a screenshot of Tom's Instagram story for her wedding announcement (that didn't include any commentary from Tom) with the user adding "the silence speaks volumes". This tweet didn't include her or Tom's name so it's a little confusing how she managed to find it herself. More proof that she reads Tattle? She uploaded multiple videos over several hours, getting increasingly angrier and continued to come back to her stories to add more details. She added another story towards to end to say she “isn't pregnant” as that's another "rumour" she's seen regarding their elopement.

    Carrie then included screenshots on her story of posts from a fan account on Instagram. She didn't censor the username of the fan account and she also directly posted one of their posts to her story, making it incredibly easy for her followers to click through to this fan account. This story post was removed quickly but not sure if Carrie did this or because it was reported.

    The (now former) fan account had less than 10 followers at this time. They’d created a couple of posts saying Joel reminds them of their abusive ex and they were worried about Carrie's relationship with him. The account was flooded with multiple comments after Carrie posted them to her story and they had to shut down comments, change their username and then completely delete their account. The person who ran the fan account is a 19-year-old whose native language isn't English.

    Direct messages were exchanged between Carrie and the (now former) fan account. The account ended up blocking Carrie then unblocking the next morning to send one last message before deleting their account for good.

    During Carrie's rant on Instagram, Joel went live on his account during the Hamilton interval. He was still dressed in his King George III costume and spoke about how people should get to know him before judging him, only to contradict himself by saying you can't get to know him via social media. He said you should contact them directly with criticism (so the opposite of what Carrie said in DMs to the former fan account) and angrily emphasised "MY WIFE" multiple times throughout the live. He also become increasingly frustrated with the Hamilton speaker system with the announcements calling time for the second act to start. The live was saved to his page but was deleted within a day.

    By the way, this is what Carrie posted on her stories right before she starting ranting on them:
    This all happened on Friday and over the weekend Carrie did a Q&A on her stories that came across as quite snappy in some places.

    She then posted this on her stories:


    In December 2021, Carrie posted on her Instagram stories about a stalker who had been sending explicit posters featuring Carrie to her friends and colleagues. The poster was written as if it was by her and was advertising her services as a sex worker. The email address and phone number on the bottom of the posters were the real contact details for her agent.

    This started in 2019 during the staged concert version of Les Misérables and only stopped when they moved theatres and to perform the full version of the show. It started up again during the Covid 19 lockdown. The same stalker also targeted Tom and several friends or colleagues of Carrie.

    The stalker was jailed for 5 years and 26 weeks.

    Moonscale on GG

    In 2013, many Tattlers used another site called Guru Gossip to talk about Carrie. They noticed an account called Moonscale11 was making some strange posts that sounded like they were written by Carrie. Turns out it was Carrie! She actually admitted to it in one of her videos.

    This is how users on the website started to figure it out.

    Queen of the Clapback

    Carrie has quickly built a reputation as somebody who will snap back at people and get into arguments. Whether it was a genuine and innocent question or not directed at her at all, she will insert herself and make her feelings known. Many of these interactions could have been avoided all together if she just ignored the posts but she always replies. Yet she maintains she ignores the haters and regularly replies and interacts with her fans. This type of behaviour is what led a lot of people to Tattle.

    Tattlers have noticed she likes to use a ♥ (or sometimes a different emoji) or the dreaded xxx at the end of her messages which she seems to think makes her come across as nice and approachable but it actually comes across as really condescending.

    Joel likes to get in on the emoji clap backs too and his favourite phrase is "thank you for your feedback"

    She (and Joel) will tell people to unfollow too.

    It results in fans being afraid of asking her genuine questions so they start off with things like "no hate, no shade"

    Alex Day's book

    In 2018 Carrie tweeted about her ex-boyfriend Alex Day writing a book that would include his account of what happened in their relationship. She showed a screenshot of an email she sent had him, asking to be excluded from the book and his reply was "Please send me your lawyer's details".

    These are the pseudonyms that Alex used in his book. Carrie is Marilyn but it includes other YouTubers too.
    There are 31 pages of his book that mention Carrie (as Marilyn) and they are all listed in the spoiler below.

    Happy International Women's Day

    In 2018 Carrie created a "Happy International Women's Day" post on her Instagram saying she wouldn't be the woman she is today without all the incredible men (and boys) in her life. She got backlash for including men on the one day that celebrates women so ended up angry tweeting and telling people to unfollow her.

    Pete Breakup

    Carrie left Pete for Oliver, whom she had met during the Addams Family tour. She initially claimed it was an amicable breakup, but later suggested that Pete may have been violent towards her. She clarified (in comments on a vlog, where fewer people would see it) that he had never physically abused her, but had caused "property damage and emotional damage." The exact truth isn't known, and Carrie may be exaggerating or downplaying some events.

    Carrie has spoken negatively about Pete at other times like when she implied in a blogpost she couldn't remember a past holiday with him because she'd blocked it from her memory. She always referred to him by his full name, which may be part of the reason for him changing his name after their break up.
    She's also answered this Q&A saying she would 'avoid Flynn'. Carrie and Pete's Disney characters were Rapunzel and Flynn, they even uploaded YouTube videos of them singing songs from the film, so Tattlers wondered if it was a dig at him.

    Carrie's Cake Crisis

    Oliver was performing in Cats at an outdoor theatre, and Carrie had a cake delivered to him as a surprise. She then tweeted the theatre complaining that the cake had arrived and the stage manager signed for it but now it was missing. Carrie publicly named the stage manager, implying they were incompetent or let someone else eat the cake. She could just as easily have called the theatre or messaged them privately - but that wouldn't show off what a lovely, sweet girlfriend she was for buying the cake!

    Attacking a Student on Twitter

    On Twitter, Carrie referred to her poor dance skills and inability to read music. A musical theatre student responded to her politely suggesting that she take some lessons. This was her response:
    Her Hopefuls (aka Hatefuls) piled on the person as well. This is just one of many examples where Carrie has attacked people online and set her fans on them. But it's especially galling when the target is a young student.

    Carrie probably can read music (she's been in musicals for years and learned the saxophone and piano as a child), she just pretends she can't. Most state schools teach reading music. It's incredibly hypocritical for Carrie, of all people, to lecture someone about privilege and setting an example on social media!

    Plugging Her Book to a Dying Person

    A Twitter user asked for book recommendations for a friend who was terminally ill and looking for a novel to "carry her to the other side". Carrie recommended her own book On the Other Side.
    People started replying saying they wouldn't recommend that book, without realising it was the author who had suggested it.
    Carrie then posted about it on her Instagram stories.

    So her Hopefuls started replying to the original thread recommending her book.

    Carrie then deleted her twitter account and went on her Instagram stories saying "god forbid I be proud of my own work".

    Notice from the video how smug she is and how there is no mention of the fact that the original tweet was about someone who was actually dying.

    This is an excerpt from the book showing why it probably wasn't the most appropriate book to be recommending to somebody close to death.

    WOSgate (WOS) is a popular website about theatre in the UK. It hosts annual awards where the public can nominate and vote for their favourite shows and performers of the year. Carrie typically wins at least one award every year, because she can rally her fans and Tom's to vote for her - whether they saw her performance or not. In 2023, the production company behind her An Open Book tour said it was eligible for the awards and encouraged fans to nominate it.
    But it turned out not to be eligible. Carrie, who was on her honeymoon, felt the need to post about how totes not bothered she was.
    Her fans, and her mum Debbie, began complaining on social media that it was unfair not to include Carrie's tour. Even if An Open Book were eligible for an award, she was not guaranteed a nomination. She also still had a chance to be nominated for her role in Once.
    Carrie then made a subscriber-only post encouraging her fans to nominate An Open Book anyway because "technically" it should meet the criteria.
    The awards celebrate theatre from all around the UK, not just London and the rules don't mention where the concert took place, just that it has to be a maximum of three performances. So she didn't qualify on the basis that she did only one performance in London. A supposedly successful West End performer shouldn't be begging for a WOS nomination, which are not well regarded in professional circles because anyone can nominate and vote, again, even for something they didn't watch. At this time, Oliver had just announced that he and Alessia had moved into a new home together - probably explaining Carrie's behaviour. Tattlers suspect she was also unhappy that she did not get the kind of success others like Rob Madge and Samantha Barks had recently received for their solo concerts. Madge even got a Broadway run of their show (performing on Broadway is a lifelong dream of Carrie's.)

    WOS reminded fans to read the eligibility rules carefully before nominating someone.
    Then Joel got involved. Note: Carrie did not sell out the Palladium!
    Carrie was quickly called out on social media and Theatreboard for her entitled behaviour and the way she's been blatantly gaming the votes for years.
    It's very telling that WOS would stand their ground on this and Theatreboard would allow this kind of discussion about Carrie. Both sites heavily favour her and Theatreboard is quick to shut down threads or get moderators involved when there is negative talk about her. Also note the poster saying that their daughter was wary of responding to Carrie in case of getting blocked - another example of how her own fans feel like they're walking through a minefield around her.

    A couple of days later it seemed Carrie had finally accepted she wasn't getting an award for An Open Book. Instead she started begging to win for Once.
    Carrie apparently hadn't thought about what she was actually saying here. If the role meant so much to her, why did she only rehearse for a week beforehand (when her casting was announced seven months previously?) And this is supposedly the role she's worked hardest for in her entire career? Ultimately, Once (her only nomination) didn't win, which was the first time in several years she hadn't won a WOS award.

    New Year Self-Dox

    On January 1, 2024 Joel and Carrie announced they were starting a new "business venture", Beginners Call, to host their acting/MT workshops and workshops for other aspects of theatre such as lighting, sound, costume, and stage management. However, it became apparent that they had registered their home address as the business address. This means that their home address has to be on all official documentation, and is available on Companies House for anyone to see.

    The business was registered in December, but after announcing it, they quickly realised they had doxed themselves, and changed the address to a residential property in Crewe. Joel's family lives in Crewe; has he given away their address as well and did he ask permission to use it as a business address? Meanwhile, Carrie and Joel's home address is still visible on Companies House as a previous address of the company. Trying to get it removed will be difficult. Their baby was due to arrive the following month yet they told the world where their child would be living.

    Carrie is listed on Companies House as a director of two other companies, both of which give an office address that several businesses use. Presumably, she could also have used this address for Beginners Call, or at least knows how to get a separate business address. Did she not realise the registered address would be visible everywhere or did Joel register this without her?

    Pre-Birth Meltdown

    With days to go until she was due to give birth, Carrie was still posting about Oliver!

    At this time, she said on an Insta live: "Something happened two years ago and suddenly I was like … babies ... it was like a switch had been flipped." In other words, admitting that she was desperate to have a child and Joel was the nearest available prospect. She also said that the worst part of labour for her was not knowing. Since she wasn't actually in labour, she appeared to not be too clear on the difference between it and late stage Pregnancy. Obviously not ideal when you are only a week or so from your due date!

    When people commented on this (on Tattle and other sites), Carrie uploaded an eighteen-minute rant for her subscribers. She complained of being criticised over her relationship with Joel and people saying it wouldn't last, which was clearly not the case because they'd now been married for a year and together for almost two. She said people were so invested in trying to destroy the relationship that they'd made malicious complaints about Joel to his bosses at Hamilton, all because he was with Carrie. She said that she had learned her lesson from past relationships and was keeping things with Joel private and off social media.

    Carrie was with both Pete and Oliver for longer than Joel, but neither of those relationships lasted. The main reason why Joel had complaints made about him was because he had defended a public figure accused of sexual assault (see Controversies section on wiki page 3.) Anyone who made such remarks while appearing in a major West End show could expect backlash for it. No one on Tattle nor any other site had said anything to Carrie directly; she's the one who went looking for it. If she doesn't like people commenting on what she herself shares publicly, why is she an influencer? It speaks volumes that, rather than being happy with Joel and excited for the baby, she was looking for criticism online and then making a long video about it.

    It's also bizarre to say the least that she claims she's kept Joel off her social media, despite the hundreds of photos and videos of them on holiday, backstage, at home, snogging in public, and everything else they do. Not only that but they have a separate Insta account for them as a couple!
    Carrie learned absolutely nothing from this and the day before her due date, she posted this video which was totally not aimed at Oliver and Alessia.