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    Carrie Hope Fletcher, born on October 22nd, 1992 is an actress, singer, "internet personality", and author. She is the sister of Tom Fletcher of McFly fame, and sister-in-law of his wife Giovanna "Gi" Fletcher who won I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! in 2019.

    Note that the family name is Fletcher, not Hope-Fletcher. She gets short-tempered when someone gets it wrong, and may feel the need to correct you in song.

    She performs in professional musical theatre and her notable roles include:

    • Eponine and Fantine (Les Misérables) - Eponine was her debut as an adult, she later went on to play Fantine. Carrie has the longest tenure of any Eponine on the West End (2 years and 8 months), and is the only actress in the UK to have played both the child and adult versions of Eponine.
    • Beth (War of the Worlds) - 2014 and 2018 UK tours
    • Truly Scrumptious (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) - 2016 UK tour
    • Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family) - 2017 UK tour
    • Veronica Sawyer (Heathers) - 2018 at The Other Palace, later transferred to the West End
    • Cinderella (Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cinderella) - Opened in August 2021 after many delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic

    She is the author of several romance novels, children's books, and has released a memoir about her early life and career. Carrie has expressed a desire to publish a "tell-all" book full of backstage gossip when she retires from her stage career.

    Carrie began appearing in West End shows as a child and played child Eponine in Les Misérables (her first ever professional role), Jemima Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Jane Banks in Mary Poppins - she emphasises that these were all before age 11. She often refers back to her childhood performances as if they were more relevant than the major roles she's played as an adult.


    Carrie describes herself as an incurable romantic who dreams of a big white wedding and Disney-esque fairytale. Appropriately, she goes on at least one Disney holiday with each boyfriend. She likes to take on characteristics of whoever she is dating and then claim that she's always been just like him - e.g. her suddenly becoming mad about coffee because Oliver likes it. Her major known relationships so far have all been with other musicians / performers:

    Charlie Yang - Carrie was dating Charlie when she started out on YouTube and then got cast as Eponine. They recorded some music together and he appeared in early vlogs with her. Charlie reportedly heartbroken when Carrie broke up with him.

    Alex Day - Carrie's boyfriend between 2013-14. They broke up around the time of allegations about sexual misconduct by Alex. One of the women involved was a friend of Carrie's, who she initially did not believe could be telling the truth. Alex's 2018 memoir Living and Dying on the Internet gives his version of events; Carrie asked her fans not to buy it and said he had disregarded her request not to be mentioned in the book.

    Pete Kingston - Carrie and Pete (then known as Pete Bucknall) dated between 2015-17. This relationship ended when she met Oliver whilst starring in The Addams Family tour with him - see Dramas section for more.

    Oliver Ormson - Carrie met Oliver when he was playing her love interest in The Addams Family. They kept very quiet about the fact they were both in other relationships when they met - Oliver was dating Summer Strallen at the time. Carrie confirmed her breakup with him in January 2022.

    Joel Montague - Current boyfriend, they confirmed in May 2022 that they are dating. He is due to go into Hamilton as King George from July 2022. Carrie says that she and Joel have been friends since 2014 and she has always had a crush on him.

    When Carrie's relationships with Charlie, Alex, and Pete ended, their social media presence mysteriously died out very quickly (although in Alex's case, this was probably because of his alleged sexual misconduct) and has never recovered. We call her the black widow of social media. It remains to be seen if the same will happen with Oliver whose career is currently doing better than hers.

    Online behaviour and social media

    Carrie has a decent sized fanbase from her social media, which has been a factor in her being cast, see below. She began her YouTube channel (originally titled ItsWayPastMyBedtime) 2011. Carrie has said that she has always treated social media as a sideline to her "real" career as an actress and author - however she started her channel at least a year before she landed her first professional adult role, and long before she'd ever published a book. She has active Twitter and Instagram pages, but deleted her TikTok (as she claimed she was being trolled) and Facebook (where people were speculating about her breakup with Oliver.)

    In the ten years or so she has been an influencer, her content and posting style have changed very little and neither has her behaviour. This limits her appeal to teens/tweens, who were her original fanbase. She also doesn't seem to realise that behaviour that might be expected from a 20-year-old influencer just starting out isn't appropriate for a professional woman who's almost 30. Currently, she posts regular vlogs about her appearance in Cinderella which she has titled "Vloggerella", despite it being pointed out to her that fellow West End performer Georgie Ashford also made videos called Vloggerella not too long ago when playing Cinderella in panto.

    Carrie is very defensive on social media and frequently blocks or snaps at people for innocuous comments or questions. Even for things that were in no way meant as an insult. E.g., when someone asked her if she would be on holiday at the time they hoped to see her in Cinderella, Carrie thought she was being attacked for taking time off, and ranted at them. She likes to make passive-aggressive posts/vlogs/tweets and throw tantrums over perceived slights. Her fans and her mother also frequently rally to her defence whenever something upsets her online. If all else fails, she can always pose as one of her own fans, like she did on another gossip site.

    Carrie has little regard for online safety. She frequently tags her exact location on Instagram and is known to share detailed information about her schedule, where she'll be at given times, what hotels she is staying at whilst on tour, etc. When fans were able to work out where she lived because she'd shared so much personal information, Carrie had a meltdown and announced she was so stressed she was booking a holiday. Yes she thought it a good idea to tell the world she'd be leaving her house empty, even though her address was now public knowledge.

    At any given time expect Carrie to post dozens of Insta stories about the minutiae of her life, including TMI about needing to pee or feeling sick etc. At the end of 2021 she shared an entire 99 stories for her "year in review" (100 is the maximum limit) including unflattering pictures and trivial moments that you wouldn't expect her to see as a highlight of the year.

    Carrie has a finsta which she appears to have opened for private posts about her breakup with Oliver. But she still posts a lot of personal content to her main Insta - mixed in with contracted stuff about Cinderella and brand deals etc. One Tattler gave an excellent overview of this:

    As part of job also she is supposed to post content about her show. It’s like me running the M&S Insta and one day posting about Colin the caterpillar and Percy Pigs and the next posting passive aggressive posts about the customers who ask when the opening times are, or randomly revealing personal details about my heartbreak.
    Highly unprofessional. I can practically hear eyes in the industry rolling from here
    Carrie regularly does Insta Q&As where her responses can be quite unprofessional. These include snapping at her fans (as usual), and tagging her former boss in discussion of a rumour that she'd slept with him to get cast.

    Performance and stunt casting

    Carrie got her breakout adult role as Eponine through her own merit, but subsequently, she has been stunt cast in other shows. She repeatedly denies that her social media following, "brand name", or relation to Tom have ever been a factor in her being cast (even though her social media presence is often mentioned in her cast bio.) All performers use their connections to get ahead, and stunt casting doesn't necessarily mean that someone won't be good in the role. But she could at least be honest about it. She once made a pointed Insta post about how casting someone who's both an exceptional performer and has a social media presence is "clever casting" not stunt casting. She wouldn't fit her own definition of this, because she often is not as strong an actress or singer as others in the cast.

    Carrie did not attend drama school, but trained as a child. Either way she lacks a number of basic musical theatre skills. She is not a trained dancer, struggles to sing classically without belting, attempts accents very poorly, etc. She claims she cannot read sheet music (although might have meant that she can't sight sing well.) She prefers to wear long skirts and clumpy boots during dance rehearsals, while everyone else is in fitness gear and dance shoes or trainers; as seen in rehearsal videos and her audition for Mamma Mia, where she wore Doc Martens to the dance call. By Carrie's own admission, she did not take any lessons during the 2020 lockdown when she was preparing for Cinderella. She also doesn't have the experience of ensemble/understudy/swing which is usually an important part of a musical theatre actor's professional development. Part of her brand image is that she now only ever plays leading roles.

    Over the years her voice has lost a lot of its power and original quality; likely through poor technique, vocal strain, and/or illness. Her voice was greatly harmed when she was pushed to continue performing in Heathers despite having tonsillitis. Her diction is not great - amusingly, when she sang from ALW's Cinderella on Children In Need, a number of viewers thought she was saying "fucking mad" instead of "barking mad."

    She has criticised Cameron Mackintosh for suggesting that a transgender actress had been cast solely for diversity points. Carrie speaking out about this was admirable, especially since it could have cost her career opportunities. But it's somewhat hypocritical given that she herself benefits from stunt casting and has no problem with Cinderella using a character's homosexuality as a gimmick.


    Carrie is the star of every show, the leading lady, and don't you forget it. Rumours abound of her treating castmates poorly especially understudies or alternates. She rarely gives credit where it is due and her videos are always about her, her, her and what a great person she is. During Cinderella rehearsals Carrie frequently posted about how she'd brought in books for castmates to borrow, and started a "tuck shop" where others could buy snacks in exchange for a comment in her notepad. These are nice things to do for others, but she seemed to do it mostly to draw attention to herself.

    Carrie is Not Like Other Girls. She seems to believe that she's the only woman in Britain who is curvy, outspoken, introverted, has a gap between her teeth, likes books, and so on. Taking a weird pride in her clothes and hairstyle not particularly flattering her, because she's sooooo above your oppressive beauty standards!!!!!11 (even though she's still an average-sized, conventionally pretty white woman.) She frequently talks about how she was bullied at school for things like having brown eyes and curly hair. Basically, she's the incarnation of the old Tumblr meme:


    Given Carrie's age and when she started out, she probably was on Tumblr in its heyday, posting un-ironically about how unique she was.

    She will often get annoyed when fans ask if she's going to appear in one of her previous roles again - don't you know she's moved onto bigger and better! But makes sure she keeps in with the current cast / the creative team so she has the option of returning in future, which is how she gets asked back for Les Mis. Meanwhile she claims that no one ever goes to see their understudy or alternate perform (patently untrue - many West End leads do this all the time) so she shouldn't be expected to.

    Even though Carrie is more than happy to allow herself to be marketed as the main draw of a show, she has stated that she "doesn't have to explain herself" if she's not there at a time when people have paid to see her. We're not saying that Carrie isn't entitled to private time, etc. But if the publicity material touts her as the main reason to pay for a ticket, of course people will expect to see her. Carrie has often posted negative reviews of products / services and tagged the company, so she can't complain if others do the same.

    She regularly displays short-term fixations that last for a couple of weeks or months then end quickly. Examples include a short-lived interest in Formula 1 racing, and a period where she frequently talked about Russian history and expressed a desire to visit Russia - this is when the Broadway musical adaptation of Anastasia was rumoured to be transferring to London and she wanted a shot at the lead. Anyone suggesting that her latest craze hasn't been a lifelong passion of hers gets snapped at and blocked, as usual.

    Underplaying her privilege

    Carrie often talks about class and privilege, and says that she is from a struggling working class family. In fact her parents could afford to support her stage career, to send her and Tom to private schools (Tom went to Sylvia Young), and take annual holidays to Disney World in the USA. Carrie does not seem to understand that being middle class, and having to work hard and save for things but still being employed and owning a home etc., is still a far more comfortable and secure life than many people have.

    She has enough income from brand deals, royalties, and assets (including rental property) that she doesn't have to take a "normal" job between stage contracts. She has never had a regular job, nor has she ever had to do things like cruise ship work. She didn't have to take another job during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns when theatres were closed. This puts her at a vast advantage compared to most other West End performers, who have to work as shop assistants, cleaners, Uber drivers, couriers, and so on when they are "resting."

    Carrie rejects the notion that any of this gives her privilege; and instead insists she pulled herself up by the bootstraps on Cinderella's Doc Martens. Or something. She uses class to excuse her own laziness e.g. she says she refuses to learn how to read sheet music because that would be an unfair display of class privilege. In reality, it's a basic musical skill which is taught in most state schools. It's also necessary for her job. Tattlers question what Oliver, who is genuinely working class, thought of this during his relationship with her.

    Despite paying lip service to anti-racism efforts, Carrie has tried to suggest that bullying/teasing she was subject to at school is on a level with racism. E.g. that someone making fun of her curly hair is the same thing Black people go through when they are discriminated against for their natural hair. Or that getting her name wrong is the same as when white people don't bother to learn a Black or brown person's name, etc.

    In January 2022, Carrie joined in public criticism of Molly-Mae Hague for failing to acknowledge her privilege. No comment.

    Hopefuls (Carrie's fanbase)

    Also known as the Hatefuls because they attack anyone even slightly critical of Carrie on social media.

    Her fans can be very childish in the theatre and disturb other members of the audience which was a major issue during Heathers. If you watch any clips on YouTube of the original Other Palace or West End productions of the show that she was in, it is often difficult to hear the music or dialogue because of kids shouting. They also threw things onto the stage which could have been a health and safety risk. This isn't Carrie's fault, but can be off-putting when going to see shows she appears in.

    Carrie takes a while to reply to fan mail - in one instance, she replied to a letter sent to her years ago and the person was no longer following Carrie's content.

    Carrie has asked fans not to send her presents but then proudly showcased them on social media, including some that might be seen as a bit inappropriate e.g. Lush bath/body products which could be easily tampered with. In one video she said that a present had the sender's name on it but she threw the label away - very telling!


    Like Tom, who has his own thread on Tattle, Carrie is known for begging online. She has accepted multiple trips to Disney World (i.e. the one in Florida - she doesn't like Disneyland Paris), and received a lot of freebies during the pandemic. Her professed personal values have no relation to what products she will hawk. She has repeatedly called JK Rowling transphobic and told her fans not to buy anything with Harry Potter on it; yet has accepted gifted Harry Potter goods. She has also promoted Sure despite insisting she would only ever use cruelty-free products, which Sure is not. Anyone commenting on this is liable to be blocked or deleted as always.

    Calling her out on her begging will cause her to rage and get block-happy. When Cinderella had to delay its opening in July 2021, Carrie not-so-subtly angled for freebies from a skincare company, and then started whining on her social media that horrible trolls had been messaging her about it. We believe no such thing happened and she'd just been reading her Tattle thread again.

    Carrie makes it repeatedly, emphatically clear when a video is NOT sponsored or a product was NOT a gift. This can be just as annoying as the product placement itself.


    Les Misérables
    Carrie's adult debut as Eponine is probably when she was at her most likeable and genuine. She came across as humble and hard-working, and seemed to honestly enjoy being able to share her experiences with her fans. It has been rumoured that when she was playing Eponine she advised her fans to ask for a refund if she were not performing on the night - a sign of trouble to come? Carrie later returned to the show as Fantine, and played Fantine again in the concert version of Les Mis staged in 2020.

    War of the Worlds / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Clips of Carrie's performances in these shows can be found on YouTube along with all the vlogs that she made about them. At the time, she still seemed fairly normal and down to earth, and didn't promote the shows quite as aggressively as she has with her more recent work. Her poor work ethic showed through in one of her Chitty vlogs where she showed up to a dance rehearsal with only Doc Martens and neglected to buy proper dance shoes, despite having said she found dance very difficult even for Truly which is a largely non-dancing role.

    The Addams Family
    Whilst starring in the tour, Carrie met and fell in love with Oliver. Their then-current relationships ended, and she and Oliver got together after months of Carrie openly lusting over him on camera. Backstage drama aside, the show contained a scene rendered very awkward by her obvious lack of professional dance training. This is also around the time that Carrie's ego became much more apparent from her vlogs and social media.

    Carrie's stunt casting in Heathers was evident both by the fact she did not fit the usual "look" for Veronica (compare most professional productions; Veronica is typically cast to look like Winona Ryder in the movie.) And by the score having to be transposed down because she could not consistently hit some of the notes - it was returned to its usual pitch for the 2021 West End revival and national tour. Carrie's vocal problems were exacerbated, and damage caused to her voice because she was under pressure to continue performing when she developed tonsillitis - also putting Jamie Muscato (who played JD) at risk of infection since she had to kiss him onstage.

    She appeared to be unhappy that Jodie Steele (Heather Chandler) and Olivia Moore (understudy Veronica, who played several performances whilst Carrie was ill) were both receiving very positive reviews. This comes across in her vlogs and interactions with them. In particular they were praised for their singing, while Carrie's lack of training was painfully apparent in addition to her already damaged voice. Carrie repeated her act of being all over Jamie on camera just like she did with Oliver in The Addams Family. You can see from some of her vlogs and photos that Jamie was uncomfortable with it.

    Carrie was upset by suggestions on social media that she was too large for the role of Veronica, or should have been cast as Martha instead. She hugely over-acted in the song "Dead Girl Walking" (a raunchy musical number containing a sex scene) and stated that she felt it was a way of getting back at people who had commented on her size. While it's understandable that she was upset by such personal remarks, this was still an unprofessional thing to do.

    Carrie was cast in 2019 for a planned 2020 opening, which was delayed for over a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this show Cinderella is re-imagined as a Doc Martens-wearing loudmouth with a huge "not like the other girls" complex, in other words basically written around Carrie. Her ego rose further by being praised as ALW's latest leading lady, despite his long history of fawning over the lead of a new show and then dropping them as soon as it finishes.

    Cinderella finally opened in summer 2021, here are just a few of the things that happened with Carrie during the run of this show:
    • Despite claiming to be an advocate for mental health, she has frequently performed the song "Bad Cinderella" to promote the show. The lyrics contain many offensive terms like "loon", "nutter", "lame", and "barking mad."
    • Frequently ranting at, and blocking, people on social media if they were critical of the show or asked questions about when she'd be performing.
    • Missing a large number of performances (she attributes this to producer decisions), and again attacking anyone on social media who asked about it or was disappointed.
    • Throwing a very public tantrum after Cinderella's set at West End Live was affected by sound issues, see below
    • Being openly critical of Andrew Lloyd-Webber, her boss while she is in the show
    • Posting a lengthy rant on Insta about how appearing in the show was harming her mental health since, after her breakup with Oliver, she now had to go on stage and play a character who is mocked for being supposedly ugly. The Daily Mail printed it, causing bad publicity for the show.
    In February 2022 it was announced that Carrie would be leaving Cinderella on July 13. But on May 1, it was announced to be closing on June 12, a month before the cast was due to change. Several people involved with Cinderella have stated publicly that many of the new cast and crew found out via social media; they either hadn't been contacted, or had had messages left with agents who were not working because it was Sunday. The current cast and crew were told at the Sunday matinee, only half an hour or so before the announcement was made public.

    Summer Strallen, who was due to have joined the show as the Queen, addressed Cinderella's closure in an Insta live; Carrie commented to say that she had to find out via castmates, as she wasn't performing that day. There has been speculation that she may have been told earlier but was under instructions not to say anything / wouldn't have known that the new cast weren't being told.

    "An Open Book"
    Carrie has announced a 2023 concert tour called "An Open Book". Tattle questions what more she could "share" that she hasn't already. While specifics of the tour are still vague, it sounds like it will involve her singing and discussing past roles. The tour begins in May 2023, it remains to be seen what she will do in the interim after Cinderella.

    Other ventures
    Carrie was briefly in a vocal group called "The Cardinals" with Celinde Schoenmaker, Ramin Karimloo, and Ben Forster. They didn't last long but were given a slot at West End Live (where Carrie eagerly performed despite now saying she hates it so much.) She made two short-lived attempts at running a podcast: "Prattle and Pages" where she talked about books, and "Wonder Women" in which she and Celinde discussed women's issues and famous women.

    Carrie is a patron of the charity Papyrus, which works to prevent youth suicide. She appeared in its "Bedtime Stories" campaign against online bullying. While this is a good cause for her to support, Carrie's talk about being kind to others online does not seem to apply to her own fans nor ALW.


    Carrie wants to be known as a "booktuber" and for her love of books. A lot of her YouTube and Insta videos are the usual book reviews and she has also had a podcast about books. She makes a big show of lending books to castmates and generally acting like reading is some kind of niche interest. Her first published book was a memoir, All I Know Now: Wonderings and Reflections on Growing Up Gracefully (2015), partly compiled from posts she had written on her old blog.

    She has published the following novels:

    For adults
    On the Other Side (2016) - debut novel
    All That She Can See (2017) - has many similarities to Chocolat
    When the Curtain Falls
    (2018) - has many similarities to Phantom of the Opera
    In the Time We Lost
    (2019) - has many similarities to Groundhog Day
    With This Kiss
    (2022) - has many similarities to The Raven Boys

    For children
    Into the Spotlight (2020) - a modern "re-imagining" of Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild
    The Double Trouble Society (2022)

    Her adult novels are all generic romances with leads that are thinly disguised copies of Carrie. The books tend to have very similar plot beats like terminal illnesses or a leading lady with psychic precognition. Some of them are obviously heavily based on musicals, or other well-known works. Characters have names like "Sunny Shine" and "Olive Green." Her novels also contain slut-bashing descriptions of the protagonist's female rivals, as if Carrie were Taylor Swift in the heyday of "You Belong to Me". Carrie releases a book every year but, despite her busy schedule of performing, rehearsing, and publicity, denies that she's ever used a ghostwriter.

    Carrie has stated many times that, after she retires from showbusiness, she plans to publish a non-fiction book full of backstage gossip. We Tattlers suspect that after a while, she'll decide to become a SAHM in the knowledge her career isn't really going anywhere, and then use the book to keep drawing public attention to herself.

    Her memoir and The Other Side are both available to legally borrow through Open Library. agirlofnoimportance recapped and discussed When the Curtain Falls to give you an idea of Carrie's writing:

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4 - Note content warnings in the post.
    Part 5

    Carrie has received criticism for her insensitive writing of a sexual assault scene in When the Curtain Falls, and the clunky introduction of a transgender character in With This Kiss.

    Dramas (onstage and off)

    Pete breakup = Carrie ended her relationship with Pete after she and Oliver fell in love during the Addams Family tour. Initially, she claimed the breakup was amicable. Later she suggested that Pete may have been violent towards her; comparing him to the unhinged JD in Heathers, which she was starring in at the time. She subsequently clarified - solely through comments on a vlog, where fewer people would see it - that he had never physically abused her but had caused "property damage and emotional damage." The exact truth isn't known, and Carrie may be exaggerating or downplaying some events.

    Carrie has written negatively about Pete at other times e.g. this post on her website where she implies she cannot remember a holiday with him as it was too traumatic. She always referred to him by full name which may be part of the reason for him changing his name after they broke up.

    Legal threats = Posters on another gossip site commented on the fact that fans had discovered Carrie's address from information she'd posted online. There were references to the area Carrie lived in, but no one posted specific information. Carrie threatened to sue, saying she had been essentially "doxxed" and her address shared on the site. Ultimately nothing happened; probably because there was, in fact, no evidence of her address ever being posted.

    West End Live 2021 = At West End Live, Carrie took part in a set for Cinderella where she was late / off-key at some parts of the song "Bad Cinderella", owing to sound issues (which are very common at WEL.) She made a barrage of social media posts apologising for the performance, which was not even that bad. Carrie implied that the WEL staff were to blame and suggested that she would reveal incriminating details about WEL and/or Cinderella's cast in an upcoming book. The official YouTube upload of the set was taken down, and the whole episode probably would have died down if not for Carrie repeatedly dredging it up again in the weeks following. Carrie has performed at WEL many times and knew what it's like. If she didn't want to be there, she could have asked for Georgina Onuorah (alternate Cinderella) or one of the cover actresses to do it instead.

    ALW friction = There are rumours of ALW being very harsh on the cast and crew of Cinderella, especially when it received a negative review from an American publication which could hurt the show's chances on Broadway. We do not know if this is true, however an alleged incident where he shouted at everyone over a video call coincides with a cryptic tweet from Carrie in support of her castmates. Subsequently, ALW referred to actors as a "service industry" in an interview, and claimed that none of them were owed a place on stage. Carrie (along with others in the cast) took offence to this and has since been making snide remarks and liking tweets critical of him. When Cinderella's closure in the West End was announced abruptly with the cast and crew not told, Carrie understandably liked a number of tweets by others in the industry calling it unprofessional. She also made critical comments on Summer Strallen's Insta live:

    Cinderella missed performances = Carrie missed numerous performances of Cinderella and took far more time off than is normal for a West End lead. She reached the 100 performances mark over a month later than the male lead, Ivano Turco. It's possible her absences were due to vocal strain, mental health problems, and / or stress over the upcoming trial of a man who had threatened her. At the time Carrie claimed that the producers kept changing the schedule and it was up to them - in that case, it could be that her stage time was reduced due to her apparent discord with ALW. In early 2022, Cinderella received new branding and publicity that marketed the show as an ensemble piece, with much less focus on Carrie. This was likely an effort at damage control over her absences.

    Attacking her own fans on social media = Carrie has a habit of arguing with her own fans on Twitter and making sarcastic or blunt comments, even when they were in no way trying to be rude. This has escalated during Cinderella's run, with Carrie frequently attacking people disappointed at her not performing when scheduled. She tweets snippy comments such as "you paid to see Cinderella and you got to see Cinderella." To borrow an analogy, since Carrie likes doughnuts:

    ‘Hi I asked for the biscoff and you gave me an original glazed.’

    ‘Don’t know why you’re complaining. You came for a donut and you got a donut.’
    Her online tantrums during Cinderella drew so much attention to her that it was reported on in the press. As above, this wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the fact that Carrie has been so heavily promoted as the face of the show. At one point she denied that her photo was published outside the theatre even though it was right there for the whole of London to see.

    Oliver breakup = In early January 2022, Carrie and Oliver unfollowed each other on social media and she "logged off" from Instagram for several weeks. She was actually posting on a finsta during this time. She accidentally shared a story to her main account about being "heartbroken" but instantly deleted it. A couple of days later she announced on main that she and Oliver had broken up. She has since indicated that Oliver just walked out on her with no announcement.

    Since the breakup, Carrie has been sharing endless "inspirational" quotes about how she's sooo over Oliver / implying he needs therapy, and shared photos of herself all over her Cinderella co-star Ivano Turco - something she previously did with both Oliver himself, and with Jamie Muscato. She's also had a "rebellious red hair stage" (actually having a semi-permanent ginger dye from a salon) and gone on a "wild" holiday with friends to show Oliver what he's missing. Tattle suspects she is itching to spill the details of the breakup. In April 2022, Oliver suggested he had moved in with a new girlfriend, leading to speculation of overlap with Carrie. Just a week or two later she announced she was dating Joel.


    Carrie Fletcher = We call her this because all Hope is gone.

    Gilderoy = Due to her similarities to Gilderoy Lockhart from the Harry Potter series (vanity, taking all the credit for herself)

    Hetero-Flexible = Carrie's term to mean she wants cookies for being an LGBT ally because she has kissed female friends when she was drunk.

    The Face =


    An all-purpose expression that is used for any emotion Carrie may wish to portray: love, hate, anger, sadness, joy, fear, jealousy, arousal, etc. It's useful even when she's not acting!

    Ballsack Dress = Refers to the unfortunate shape of Cinderella's ballgown in the original logo for ALW's Cinderella (before the logo was replaced in 2022.) It's supposed to be an upside-down heart but looks more like a wonky scrotum.

    Granny Mope Fletcher = Because Carrie dresses like a grandmother and likes to mope around.

    Hopefuls = Carrie's fanbase. Also known as Hatefuls (because they descend on anyone that has even the most constructive or politely-worded criticism of her) or Mopefuls.

    Overshare Bear = Carrie, on account of her sharing a huge amount of personal information and irrelevant thoughts all over her social media. Including things we really didn't need to know such as her almost peeing herself backstage.

    Larrie = Lauren and Carrie, i.e. Lauren Byrne, first cover Cinderella. Lauren is Carrie's closest pal in the show and has demonstrated similar behaviour as her e.g. publicly criticising ALW and snapping at fans for asking whether Carrie is performing.

    Cupcakegate, Cupcake Incident = When Carrie was first in Heathers at Other Palace and a fan threw a box of cupcakes for the cast onto the stage. An example of the hype that grew around Carrie in the show leading to inappropriate audience behaviour

    Smiffys Wig = Extremely cheap, synthetic black wig worn by Carrie as Cinderella; which looks like something you'd expect to see in a cheap party supplies store and not a West End production. Even professional pantomimes have better wigs!

    Tom's Sister = cuz that's still how most people think of her


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