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  • Joel Montague Relationship

    Welcome to the page that is completely dedicated to Carrie's relationship with Joel Montague!

    After ignoring Joel's DMs for 8 years, Carrie finally slid into his DMs following the breakdown of her relationship with Oliver and hurtling her way towards her 30th birthday.

    Plunged into Happiness

    Carrie and Joel’s relationship is a hot topic on here (and other places) because of their whirlwind romance and how they portray themselves on social media. There are rumours they’re the laughingstock of the West End due to their over-the-top display of affection on social media, how they respond to the backlash and the speed of their relationship.

    For 8 years, Joel had been sending DMs to Carrie, only for her to ignore them. As mentioned in this livestream (20/11/22) at 11:52-12:15 . Then she was dumped by Oliver and decided to slide into his DMs. Thread here.

    Within 5 months of their first date they were engaged. They eloped in February 2023, making it 9 months after their first date. There are rumours of her family’s disapproval due to their elopement and lack of engagement with her family on social media. In August 2023, they had a formal wedding for friends and family. Subsequently they announced in September 2023 that they were expecting their first child, a daughter due to be born in February 2024.


    Here's an approximate timeline of their relationship, worked out by Tattler Sanctified:

    14th January 2022: Oliver breaks up with Carrie out of the blue, after they had been in a serious relationship for 5 years.

    3rd May: Carrie and Joel had their first date at a cinema and moved in together. They've since stated they agreed on the first date that they would get married quickly.

    4th May: Carrie and Joel posted gifs hinting they were in new relationships. Carrie's was from The Holiday (a romcom in which Kate Winslet and Jack Black fall in love), hinting at Joel who shares some similarities to Black's character.

    6th May: Carrie posted that she had "found herself suddenly plunged into immense happiness." She had been dating/living with Joel for just three days at this stage.

    7th May: A Tattle user reported from a mutual friend that Carrie and Joel were dating. Later that day they confirmed the relationship on Instagram.

    8th May: Carrie and Joel announce the relationship on Facebook.

    17th July: Their first holiday together (to Croatia)

    21st October: Joel proposes to Carrie

    22nd October: Birthday posts on Carrie’s stories show a "Congratulations on Your Engagement" balloon in the background and a ring on Carrie's finger.

    25th October: Carrie and Joel announce the engagement and it is reported on in the Daily Mail. Carrie said that they would have liked to keep the news quiet for a while but had to pre-empt the Mail article.

    November 2022: The Gretna Green wedding was booked (confirmed 01/08/2023)

    1st March 2023: Carrie and Joel announce they got married in February 2023, just before Valentine's Day.

    6th August 2023: Carrie and Joel hold another wedding for their friends and family.

    5th September 2023: Carrie announces she is expecting a baby with Joel.

    1st March 2024: Carrie and Joel's daughter Mabel Hope Montague is born, which they announce on social media the following day.

    Here's the "plunged into happiness" story from Carrie and the gif Joel posted.

    Red Flags

    Since the start their relationship, Joel has frequently displayed signs of worrying behaviour. Here are just a few examples:
    • Love bombing with gifts and overly affectionate on social media posts
    • Moved into Carrie’s house the night of their first date
    • Inserting himself into Carrie's family very quickly
    • 12 Days of Joelmas (see below) and appearing angry at her going on holiday without him
    • Getting a massive tattoo for Carrie when she was in Florida with Scott
    • Courting Carrie’s fans
    • Life completely revolves around Carrie


    Carrie and Joel's constant PDA and overly gushing posts about each other became so intense that Tattle was flying through threads on the daily. Tattle was not the only place to notice, there was lots of discussion on other forums and across social media too. Here's a small selection of the PDA and gushing posts they've uploaded:

    Tattle dubbed this their “LOVE OUT LOUD” behaviour.

    So Proud

    Tattlers noticed Joel would often post about Carrie on his instagram with "so proud" or "iconic" captions. Following discussion on here, Carrie started to do it too. It's become so predictable now you know what Joel is going to post as soon as Carrie does something.

    In Love With Her Phone

    Tattlers have noticed she’s constantly on her phone around Joel and seems to be in love with her phone more than her (now) husband.

    Look of Love

    With Joel filming Carrie so much, Tattlers have noticed she doesn't always look so happy and in love with him.


    Here are some pictures we're regularly asked about like Joel as Shrek and his massive Dr Strange tattoo (that Carrie still hasn't acknowledged).


    Joel played the lead in Shrek: The Musical at his amateur theatre company in Crewe. His costume was…terrifying.

    Carrie reposted fan artwork and somebody pointed out the "Joel" in the drawing looked more like the human version of Shrek than the actual Joel.


    Joel got a “in all the universes” tattoo on his forearm in the Disney-style font whilst Carrie was in Florida celebrating her 30th birthday. The quote comes from the Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film they saw on their first date. Carrie also has a tattoo (of planets) for the same movie.

    Technicolour Scarf

    Carrie knitted Joel a scarf for Christmas and showed it in one of her videos. She admitted to using up scraps of wool she had left and ended up with, what Tattlers have dubbed, The Amazing Technicolour Scarf. Joel professed to "love it" but was only seen wearing it once.

    Stories Vortex

    Joel has this very annoying habit of reposting any stories he's tagged in on instagram and will continue to post a repost of his own repost until there's an ever growing tunnel of reposted stories.



    In July 2022, Carrie and Joel went on their first holiday together to Croatia. It was the holiday that just kept on giving as this is where the asscrack twins were born (they uploaded nudist beach pictures), they argued with people whilst on holiday, Joel's budgie smugglers and they engaged in even more PDA.

    These are just a small selection of what they were posting from this holiday:

    Joel uploaded a reel with Craig David's 7 Days song and showed videos of them on their holiday. When it got to the "making love" part of the song he showed them making out in their hotel room! They got a lot of backlash (and not just from Tattle) for their oversharing on this holiday. You can view the reel here but it you've been warned!

    In true Carrie fashion, she was arguing with fans whilst on holiday. These are some of the DMs:

    Disneyland Paris

    Joel booked a holiday to Disneyland Paris for Carrie's 30th in January 2023. It was the first time to two Disney adults went to a Disney park together. Carrie bought another Loungefly bag for the trip, cried when she was walking down Main Street towards the castle, took pictures of her engagement ring in front of the castle and wore their "I asked, she said yes" Disney engagement tops, created their new "first ride tradition", wore matching Disney jumpers that look like diarrhoea, Joel bought her a "Montague" top, and ate in the Disneyland park rather than go to good places in Paris.


    Following Disneyland Paris, Carrie and Joel went to Iceland for a couple of nights. This is the trip where the STRANDED in the CAPTIAL of FRANCE!!! tweet and subsequent jokes came from. We mostly got gurning selfies and PDA in the Blue Lagoon from the Iceland trip.

    We also got this jump-scare sponsored post for Joel's favourite budgie smugglers.
    The close up of their kiss shows it's a bit of a weird placement.


    Carrie and Joel were engaged within 5 months of meeting and married within 9 months. Their engagement was 'leaked' to the press so they decided to elope to Gretna Green in February 2023.

    Engagement (and the leak)

    On 22nd October 2022, Joel posted a story of Carrie showing off some of her birthday presents. She reposted it to her own Instagram stories. A “Congratulations on Your Engagement” balloon was clearly shown in the background and there was a ring spotted on Carrie’s finger. Tattle detectives noticed this, and we started flying through threads discussing a possible engagement. Carrie made no mention of their engagement on her social media accounts.

    Carrie posted a story about being "overwhelmed".
    A day or two later, Carrie, Scott and her family then went to Disneyland Florida to celebrate Carrie’s 30th birthday. This trip was booked before her relationship with Joel started.

    Tattlers noticed Carrie continued to wear a ring on that finger and continued to discuss the possibility of an engagement.

    Carrie then posted about having the best weekend of her life so by this post Tattlers were convinced she was engaged.
    On 25th October 2022, Carrie and Joel publicly announced their engagement. They stated they wanted to keep it “private” but were forced to announce it after the Daily Mail rang Gi Fletcher’s publicist, Carrie’s sister-in-law, asking for a comment on their engagement.

    Joel later confirmed on a livestream that the proposal happened on 21st October, the day before Carrie’s 30th birthday. He took her on a treasure hunt then proposed at the theatre where he’s currently performing as King George III in Hamilton. They have both stated the proposal is just for the two of them but have continued to release more and more pictures and information about it.

    Tom looked thrilled with the news...
    Whilst Carrie was still in Florida, she and Joel spent the entire day sharing photos and videos about the engagement on their socials. Of course they were also deleting critical comments too. Joel shared over 100 images on his instagram of the same congratulations from fans.

    He also posted some photos from the proposal which showed an engraved pumpkin with “Mr and Mrs Montague, 3rd May 2022” on it. This confused people as it looked like the wedding date when it was actually their first date. Tattlers had a good laugh about this as it demonstrated how short their relationship has been as well as the hilarity of “pumpkin” being the nickname between Carrie and her ex-Oliver.

    There was some speculation that they were already married as Carrie was seen wearing a second ring next to her engagement ring. She ended up posting about it saying it was a "safety ring" because her engagement ring was too big and she was worried about losing it.

    How It Began Live

    Carrie and Joel did a "How It Began" live on their new shared instagram account, All Things Montague, that described their engagement. She had a cut on her finger that wouldn't stop bleeding during the live so she was constantly sucking it and then got up to get a plaster for it. This is how Carrie looked when talking about their engagement...

    She admitted to having a feeling about the proposal and initially saying no to the plan that Joel had put together. He had collaborated with Theatre Café to do a treasure hunt around theatres that meant something to Carrie. It was arranged for a morning that Joel was also free, and as Carrie and Joel were so used to spending all of their free time together, Carrie knew something was up when Joel said he had to record for a friend and couldn't spend the day with her. Carrie turned down the job offer from Theatre Café so Joel had to get Scott involved to make sure she would be there.

    All About The Ring

    Following their engagement, Carrie posted a strange instagram post where she mentioned her engagement ring multiple times but didn't mention Joel by name once.
    She also answered a Q&A about how Edgar felt about the engagement rather flippantly...


    Carrie and Joel have done a couple of Q&As on their All Things Montague account and here are some of their answers. Questions included Carrie changing her name, the proposal, Carrie's ring, vlogging their wedding and which fictional characters they are most alike as a couple... with Joel picking a child for Carrie.


    Gretna Green Wedding

    Well a rushed engagement wasn’t enough for Carrie and Joel because they ended up eloping less than a year after they started dating!

    Just like with the “secret engagement”, Carrie and Joel were wearing wedding rings that were clearly on show on their social media.

    They confirmed their marriage on Wednesday 1st March 2023 by posting a picture teasing their Hello magazine article. They eloped to Gretna Green and were married a couple of days before Valentine’s Day.
    In typical Carrie-fashion, the story around whether their families were aware of their elopement or not has gone through a few changes. It was mentioned in the article that she Facetimed Tom and Gi the night before to let them know. She’s since changed her story to “her family knew weeks in advance they just didn’t know the exact date because I didn’t want them rocking up”.

    They were married in front of witnesses who worked at Gretna Green then went to the canteen for cheese and onion sandwiches afterwards.

    Hello Magazine article

    The "now official" (Joel's words) Montagues bragged of selling the wedding photos to Hello magazine. The article amusingly introduced Carrie as Tom's sister and mentioned she and Joel had been dating for less than a year when they married. It also stated that he moved in with her the night of their first date! Carrie justified the hasty wedding by saying the Daily Mail had "ruined" her engagement news, and she didn’t want a repeat for her wedding. She also stated she didn’t want her wedding to become “a performance” yet sold the photos to a magazine and created a reel for her social media?

    Tom shared Carrie's wedding announcement on insta stories with no comment, and in between mundane content about his writing and keeping chickens.

    They said they eloped because everything they do is a performance and they didn't want that for the happiest day of their lives. They were also "terrified that people would turn up".

    Of course there were some negative responses to their news and Carrie was replying to them in the comments...

    Carrie admitted she was awful at hiding her rings so was glad the announcement was out now.
    Carrie allegedly posted on her finsta half an hour before the "official" announcement, again mentioning her breakup with Oliver. Some friends only found out through this post or via WhatsApp messages very shortly before the announcement.

    Carrie also confirmed that they let family know the night before and their friends after they were married (Q&A from 01/08/23)
    Screenshot 2023-08-01 234445.png
    On August 1st 2023, Carrie answered some Q&A questions in relation to her marriage and wedding. She confirmed that from getting engaged in October, they booked the wedding for February in November. This was less than a month after getting engaged and knowing each other for eight months.
    Screenshot 2023-08-01 233922.png

    All Things Montague

    Within days of their engagement being announced, Tattle detectives noticed an “All Things Montague” Instagram account. A couple of days later they started posting about this account on their own stories. They said the account was to showcase their relationship, but their wedding plans would remain completely private.

    Note the incorrect apostrophe in their name, as well as the order of their first names and the pronouns, making it look like Carrie's pronouns are he/him and Joel's she/her. Both of these things were fixed after it was discussed on Tattle.

    Their posting styles changed after this account was recreated, with less about their relationship on their personal accounts and more of it on this one.

    Tattlers speculated over what caused this shift in behaviour. Was it because Carrie was busy with panto or did Joel’s bosses have a word with him following complaints on their social media about his behaviour?

    Second wedding

    Carrie and Joel had a second wedding, for family and friends, on 6th August 2023. (Sunday weddings are unusual but it makes sense because most of Carrie and Joel's friends work in theatre.) Her bridesmaids were Gi, Hiba Elchikhe, Becky Lock, Emma Kingston, and Carrie's Heathers co-star Sophie Isaacs. Other guests included Scott, Jamie Muscato, Rob Madge, Carrie's old friends Mollie Melia-Redgrave and Celinde Schoenmaker, and Laura Pitt-Pulford and George Blagden.

    Tom sang an acoustic version of "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader (Carrie's favourite song) for her to walk down the aisle to, and performed at the reception. At one point Joel joined him to sing "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus. One of the guests shared a picture of the "hymn sheet" from the ceremony; by flipping the image and playing with the contrast Tattlers discovered one of the supposed hymns was "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story. (It's a nice song but not really a hymn.)
    The reception included burgers for dinner, and fairground rides/claw machines. In honour of Carrie's love of the Disney Parks, the wedding favours included keyrings designed to look like a Fast Track Pass. There were also homemade table decorations crafted from pages of books by Carrie. All her favourite things were on display, however, there was little to no sign of Joel's.

    Carrie wore a green and orange dress, designed to resemble a pumpkin, from Rosie Red Corsetry. Tattlers joked that the style and colour of the dress made her look like Princess Fiona. The style of the skirt gave the unfortunate impression of the dress being singed.

    Not many photos were posted on social media, probably due to their deal with Hello magazine. The wedding appears to have been scheduled for summer (despite the autumn/Halloween theme) so it would make it into the autumn edition of the magazine. Carrie was pregnant at the time and hadn't announced it yet but she found out in June, when the venue would have been booked long ago. Carrie and Joel received a free hotel stay at the venue for the night before the wedding, this is seemingly why she called out from The Crown Jewels at short notice that day.

    The photos were again sold to Hello magazine. They seemingly got the deal because Tom and Gi were there - in fact Tom and Gi feature in almost as many photos as Carrie and Joel themselves! The wedding did not make the front cover, which featured the likes of Nicole Scherzinger, Rita Ora, and Princess Diana. Yes, even she is still more relevant than these two! There were several amusing comments on the Hello Insta asking who the hell Carrie and Joel were and why they were featured in the magazine.

    Beginners Call

    Beginners Call is a business Carrie and Joel launched to host their acting/singing workshops (see wiki page 1), as well as workshops with other professionals in all aspects of theatre: tech, wardrobe, stage direction etc. It was first announced on 1st January 2024 only for Tattlers (and others) to quickly realise Carrie and Joel had doxed themselves by using their home address as the registered business address. See page 4 for more on that.

    On 4th January 2024 they announced their first "workshop", which was actually a Zoom Q&A with ex-Wicked stars Kerry Ellis, Dianne Pilkington, Alice Fearn, and Oliver Tompsett. The announcement didn't make it clear what the "workshop" would involve, but mentioned that the performers would discuss scenes/songs from the show and attendees have the chance to submit questions for them in advance. Poor grammar and phrasing were used, at one point mentioning "the stars sat in your very own homes" as if they would be physically present. Oliver Tompsett commented that the headshot they had used for him was from 15 years ago - evidently Carrie and Joel did not think to check with the performers as to what photos to use! For this, Carrie and Joel charged over £80.

    Ultimately, the event sold poorly and Carrie and Joel tried to improve sales by joining in the workshops themselves and opening it up to younger age groups.

    "Baby Montague"


    Carrie announced on 5th September, 2023 via Instagram that she was pregnant with her and Joel's first child. The baby is due on 29th February 2024 - indicating conception in early June 2023. This was after she and Joel had been together for 13 months, married for just four months of marriage, and had never lived alone together because Scott had been living with them the whole time. Carrie had a honeymoon booked with Joel in Las Vegas and Florida for December; she was also due to perform in panto in December 2023 when she would be heavily pregnant.

    Predictably, Carrie and Joel had already registered a "Baby Montague" account by the time of the announcement. Joel shared every single congratulation from fans, amounting to dozens of Stories. They immediately started fishing for freebies from Starbucks and baby companies. Meanwhile, despite the baby coming and Carrie and Joel having just got married (again), her friend Matt McDonald moved back in with them.

    In an Insta live, Carrie said the baby was planned and she found out she was pregnant very early, in the first or second week. (Presumably meaning third or fourth week - pregnancies are counted from the date of the last period.) She gave flipflopping explanations as she clearly didn’t want people questioning if she knew she was pregnant when she got her new tattoo on June 23rd. She also claimed that “a medical professional” had told her it was OK to go on fairground rides at her wedding. This is unlikely; a doctor normally wouldn’t say something like that.

    Carrie's Plans

    Carrie shared an Insta video saying she had always been focused on her career and put off children, but when Joel came along she suddenly knew she wanted a baby right away. This was despite her repeatedly saying over the years that she'd always wanted children, and even sharing letters she'd written to her imaginary future child. She also got some pointed digs in there about her exes (Oliver) not wanting children. Yet again proving she's soooooooo over him!
    On 30th September 2023 Carrie shared a subscriber-only video expressing concern that she would struggle to land new roles after having the baby. The video showcased her immense privilege, including saying she had turned down roles because she didn't fancy cancelling her other plans, and being confident that she could take as long off work as she wants to without worrying about money.
    She quickly announced she was writing a book about Pregnancy, despite being not even halfway through her first pregnancy!

    Gender Reveal

    On 26th October 2023 Carrie confirmed the baby is a girl in a gender reveal at Disney World, this came after weeks of Joel "accidentally" slipping up and repeatedly referring to the baby as "she." Carrie's personal nickname for the baby is "Peanut." She also said that she and Joel had a private gender reveal for their families.

    Baby Preparations

    Carrie had a baby shower for her family and close friends. Not much of this was shown on social media, however Carrie's friend Sophie Isaacs shared a photo of her "prediction card" - from a party game to make guesses on such matters as what day the baby would be born, what her name would be and which parent she would most look like, etc. Sophie's post mentioned the name Minnie Montague and Joel shared this as well, leading to speculation that was the name they had chosen for the baby.

    Carrie later said on a live that she and Joel wanted a traditional name and had a shortlist, but were going to wait until the baby was born to make a final decision. Tattlers and her fans had speculated that Carrie and Joel would choose an alliterative name, possibly Matilda (due to Carrie's love for the musical/book) or Maple (a name she had intended to use in one of her own books.) This led to a running gag of us referring to the baby with a string of random M-words e.g. Magpie Monsoon Marmalade Montague.
    As Carrie's due date got closer, she and Joel posted about cleaning the house and shared a photo of their birth pool, as Carrie was planning a home birth. Edgar was shown sitting in the baby's car seat and on her other things.

    Happy Mum Happy Baby

    Carrie appeared in the 27th February 2024 episode of Gi's Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast where Gi gave the impression of Carrie holding down a busy West End career while pregnant. That's hardly the case when Carrie's only theatre work during pregnancy was The Crown Jewels and panto, neither of which were on the West End (the panto wasn't even in London) nor was she the lead. And she had plenty of time off from The Crown Jewels with her wedding, honeymoon, "hag do", holidays, and illness. When the podcast was released, one of Joel's Hamilton colleagues had just gone on maternity leave after playing the role of Angelica every night until late in her pregnancy. Maybe she should have been the guest if Gi wanted to do an episode about a successful West End performer?

    In the episode Carrie bragged that she and Joel were "the most fertile people in the world" because she had got pregnant on the first try. Obviously, this kind of talk is insensitive to anyone listening who may have struggled with infertility. In a further sign of her privilege, she couldn't wait to find out the baby's sex so she paid for a private blood test to be sent to the USA, rather than wait for her scan. Carrie described Joel planning their honeymoon carefully as an example of how she knew he'd be a good father; while Gi said that Joel was more "grounded" than Carrie's exes. They were trying to portray Joel as mature and responsible, when his online tantrums and unprofessional behaviour suggest he's anything but! Carrie described labour as a "mostly mental" challenge, suggesting she didn't have much idea of what it really involves - not promising for someone who was days away from giving birth.

    Baby's Here!

    Carrie's due date was on February 29th 2024, however it's very common to go over that date and not have the baby then. In the morning she was commenting on social media, and Joel performed in Just For One Day that evening. So, it became apparent the baby hadn't arrived and Carrie wasn't yet in labour. Speculation began the following day when Joel's understudy took over, and the writer Stacey Heale posted about having to postpone plans to record with Gi. By evening, a Tattler had heard on the grapevine that the baby had arrived and was named Mabel.

    Sure enough, on 2nd March Carrie and Joel announced that the baby was born the previous day and her name is Mabel Hope Montague. "Mabel" has musical theatre connotations, which is likely why Carrie chose it; she had previously auditioned for the role of Mabel in Mack and Mabel (based on the real life romance between Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand) but lost out. Mabel is also the ingenue in The Pirates of Penzance, and the name of a character in Fame. A number of Tattlers had correctly guessed Carrie and Joel would pick Mabel as the name. It's hilarious that they are so chronically online we knew the baby was coming as soon as they were quiet for a few hours! Also notice how quickly they announced the birth. Most people, including celebrities and influencers, don't break the news to anyone outside the family until days or a week or more after the baby arrives.

    As always, Joel reposted every single fan congratulation onto his Insta Stories; just how you'd expect a happy new father to be occupying his time. Even sharing this weirdly creepy fan video about the birth announcement! He also shared a video of congratulations from his Hamilton colleagues where the auto captions rendered Montague as "Montagoon." Gi posted a Story referring to the baby as Mabel Hope Fletcher; Joel was not so quick to share that one until Gi later corrected it.

    Immediately after posting about Mabel's birth, Joel re-shared a customer survey for Beginner's Call. Yes he was using the birth of his child to promote his side hustle, when she was only a day old and while he was supposedly on paternity leave.
    Joel's mother Gail was not present at the birth, but shared photos of Mabel, who reportedly looks a lot like him.

    Joel Rants

    The one thing that Carrie says whenever asked “what do you love about Joel?” is how “nobody has a bad thing to say about him”. Tattlers started to notice he didn’t actually come across as the nicest guy on his social media accounts and was prone to frequent outbursts and rants.


    In March 2023, Joel uploaded a photo of a Land Rover parked slightly over the line of the parking bay. He then spent the next couple of hours arguing with people in the comments before deleting the entire post.

    It started off with some agreeing and others disagreeing.

    Then he started getting more negative comments and continued to engage with them.

    Then he got really nasty and told one of the commentors to stand down.


    In January 2023, Carrie and Joel went on a holiday to Disneyland Paris and planned to follow it up with a couple of days in Iceland. The Disney trip gave us some painfully staged photos; Carrie going to her (separate) bed early and in full-length pyjamas; and Joel sharing their exact location in the park, blissfully ignorant of safety. You know it's bad when even Carrie is being more careful!

    However, their flight to Iceland was cancelled, and Carrie and Joel had to spend an extra night in Paris. Joel angrily tweeted at the airline, complaining about the cancelled (due to bad weather) flight and how the airline had not booked a hotel room for them and only offered €150 compensation towards the cost of a room. . After all, he and Carrie were stranded in the CAPTIAL CITY OF FRANCE!!!! (Yes, he really did spell capital wrong)

    The capitalisation and spelling mistake became a much-loved joke between Tattlers so if you see different things referred to as the CAPTIAL of SOMETHING know that this is where it originated from.

    People replied to his tweets with easy to find hotel rooms, proving they were far from destitute with their measly €150 compensation for a hotel room, and then they were blocked.
    They went to the airport the morning of their flight and continued to post on their personal and All Things Montague accounts criticising the company for cancelling the flight.

    After all that, Carrie ended up admitting their extra day in Paris ended up being the favourite part of their trip.

    And of course Joel made an "Iceland we are in you" joke once they got there.


    Joel uploaded some videos to his instagram account (pre-Carrie) as a direct complaint to Apple. Tattlers were shocked at the entitlement and anger shown in the videos. He also did his usual of picking at his face throughout the duration of the videos.

    Here is a link to his instagram post about it (he accidentally covers his microphone for the first part)


    Joel made the rookie mistake of not changing the privacy settings on his Facebook account, so when Tattlers started noticing a mean streak to him, they went digging and found more of his rants on there.
    This is a rant about amateur theatre awards (regarding his and his Mum’s theatre school in Crewe).

    This rant is about casting for one of the amateur theatre shows.

    This one’s about an amateur production of Grease.

    This post is thanking a reviewer for a not-so-great review.
    This one took place whilst he was on holiday.

    This one is about political correctness.
    This was a random post about student and teacher relationships.
    Tony Awards observation (not a rant)
    His “overweight boring twat, with bedside manner of Hitler” rant.

    Twitter & Instagram

    Joel also has a couple rants from his twitter and instagram account.

    Israel hotel rant.
    Thought of the day, I’m over it rant.
    Here he is replying to a transphobe and seemingly siding with them?
    He’s not afraid to have a go at companies when something goes wrong. These include screenshots from his tweets to Halifax, Heathrow and a DBS review.

    His Love Island joke, retweeting Caroline Flack in 2018.


    Defending SA Allegations

    A Tattler called LilytheSunflower posted about how she messaged Joel following his story praising Cristiano Ronaldo. These are their messages discussing the SA allegations against Ronaldo and Joel defending him. He ended the messages with "thank you and respectfully take note".

    12 Days of Joelmas

    A couple of days after their engagement, Carrie went to Disneyland Florida without Joel for a two-week holiday with her friend Scott Paige and the Fletcher family. She had been planning the trip months in advance for her 30th birthday. Carrie left Joel a present for each day she was away, and he opened them on lives each day. Tattlers, and then Carrie, nicknamed this “12 Days of Joelmas”. Many Tattlers joked it's proof that Carrie reads her threads on here because we were the only ones calling it this.
    Throughout these lives, Joel appeared very down and actually came across as frustrated and angry that Carrie had gone away without him. He said things like “I don’t do well without her” and “I proposed and then she went on holiday” as if Carrie going away was a slight against him. Even though she'd booked the holiday months in advance and probably even before she and Joel started dating. When Carrie came home, he said their “hiatus” was over now, as if their relationship was on pause whilst she was on holiday.

    The presents consisted of things like food delivery vouchers, pez sweets and M&Ms so many Tattlers joked she had picked up the presents in the checkout aisle of the local supermarket. Other presents were candles and nespresso coffee so we joked about them being leftover from her sponsored posts. She also gave him a dog water bottle (he left his dog at home when he moved to London/in with Carrie), toys and a bowl.

    As usual, Joel's face was very expressive during the lives.

    This is a picture of all the presents together.
    Jason Manford commented on one of the videos and this was Joel's reply.

    The lives got some negative comments too, pointing out he was being a little dramatic given she was only on holiday for less than two week.

    Fletcher Wannabe

    Since the very beginning of their relationship, Joel has been cosying up to the Fletcher family. He regularly tags them on his social media, reposts their own posts that have nothing to do with him (like Tom and Gi’s kids) to his stories and is always in their comment section. This is just a small selection of the posts he's done.

    When the Fletcher family went to Florida, he was constantly reposting their posts to his stories, with passive aggressive comments about wishing he was there with them.

    He comments on a lot of their posts too, even calling Tom 'brother' when he and Carrie were only recently engaged.

    During Carrie’s 30th birthday Florida holiday, he had t-shirts made for all of them to wear whilst they were there. The design was based on The Incredibles with the logo an F for the Fletcher family instead of the original I. The Fletchers posted pictures of them wearing these t-shirts and then Joel showed he had his own version of the t-shirt too!

    His post about the t-shirts came across as quite resentful at being at not being in Florida with them. One of his fans photoshopped him into the Fletcher Florida picture so he started posting that too.

    No Longer Carrie

    Joel tends to refer to Carrie as anything but her name. Even before they were married Joel would refer to her as “my wife”.

    Whether it’s posts about her professional career or things about their day-to-day lives, he will refer to Carrie as “soulmate” or “fiancé” or “wife”. Again, this is just a small selection of screenshots showing him doing this.

    Making a Friend's Wedding About Them

    In a post to celebrate his best friend’s wedding (that Carrie didn't even attend), Joel managed to make it about him and Carrie.

    Courting Carrie's Fans

    Joel seems to revel in the new fame he’s receiving since starting his relationship with Carrie. His social media following his skyrocketed since they announced their relationship, and he continues to insert himself into things relating to Carrie and her fans.

    At the closing of Cinderella, he was seen talking to many of her fans and even singing their Cinderella merchandise.

    Comparing Acting to Schizophrenia

    Joel appeared on 'The Working Actor Show' podcast that was released 7th March 2023. His episode was titled 'The Realities of The Industry with West-End Legend Joel Montague'.

    During this podcast, he compared being an actor to Schizophrenia. You can find the podcast episode here.

    'We have to remember that we play for a living. That's what we do. It's like some weird schizophrenia that we all have inside of us that we just don't like being ourselves basically.'

    This quote is timestamped at 4:14-4:25.

    Dead Girl Walking ... again!

    Carrie is very proud of when she was in Heathers and had a sex scene with Jamie during the song "Dead Girl Walking." She likes to share photos and videos of them rehearsing or performing the scene. In December 2023, Carrie was pushing for her and Jamie to win the WOS award for Once. She shared the "Dead Girl Walking" video again and pinned it on her Insta page - in place of a post about her wedding to her actual husband! As you can imagine, it was hardly appropriate to share a video of her dry-humping another man, especially when she and Joel were expecting a baby very soon. Joel then posted the video to his Stories saying that he and Carrie like to "re-enact" the scene at home. This was picked up and mentioned on a viral Reddit thread about the most embarrassing behaviour you've ever seen on social media. Jamie did not like or comment on the post.

    Making Fun of a Child's Performance

    A video went viral of a theatre school's production of Legally Blonde, featuring a primary school aged girl delivering the famous "Courtney, take your break!" line. (Ironically, this scene became a meme because of another youth production of Legally Blonde - in Canada - that was widely mocked online.) Several West End stars posted TikTok clips lip-syncing the audio, including Joel, who made a video backstage at Hamilton. That's at least the second time he's done something unprofessional while at work and in costume! (See wiki page 4 for how he ranted on a live during the interval.)
    The child's mother subsequently came forward on social media to say that her daughter is very upset about the online reaction to the video. There were comments and backlash criticising Joel for making fun of a child. TikToker @TheLocoLuco, who went to the performance in question, criticised professional West End actors who had made fun of the video; and included a clip of Joel. Joel removed his video, but did not apologise. He later shared another actor's TikTok justifying the behaviour by saying that they were simply showing they found the girl's performance relatable.

    In a few years' time, Mabel will be at primary school; how would Joel feel about professional actors making fun of her on the internet? It's especially hypocritical given that he and Carrie frequently throw tantrums over any perceived criticism. Not only that, but he runs a business selling overpriced webinars, many of which are aimed at children. If parents see him making fun of a child online, are they likely to agree to pay for their child to attend a Beginners Call event?

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