Stephanie Buttermore

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I got roped into watching her videos after she kept coming up in the YT recommended - I have so many questions and feelings. Firstly stop trying to make all in happen, the way she shoehorns that phrase into every video is so so irritating. She has severe issues with food, the way she gorges (binges) especially in the first all in videos was not right, it was the extreme end of eating and the crap she ate too, like the most additive filled foods! She seems so not ok or happpy. And what it with the boyfriend? She seems desperate to be with him / more into him than her and for him to propose but he doesn’t seem as into it. I don’t know how that kind of relationship can survive because he is also food obsessed so it’s toxic


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She is a perfect example of someone who is in denial on her disordered eating and thoughts. It's so f*cked up all she thinks about is food and body image. Life has more to offer than those! Why cant she use her phD for a greater cause or something relevant rather than being an attention seeking influencer?

About her and Jeff, their relationship is going nowhere. It's obvious she wants the ring but he isn't that serious


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Honestly guys, I like Stephanie but you all bring up good points when it comes to her all in journey and relationship with Jeff. I follow her and go through her stories quite a bit, and it seems to me that she does want to be with Jeff but her current circumstances get in the way. She still has to take care of her mom in Florida so that's why they're not married and plus they both prefer to live where they're from (Jeff in Canada and Steph in Florida).

Anyways, I believe that many people told her to go see a therapist or something due to her disordered eating and body image. I agree with them because she doesn't have to make her videos too body focused and how much she has changed her ways of eating. She has been kind of shifting away slowly by incorporating solving a rubik's cube and reading books into her life updates though.


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I'm gonna get hated from my comment but I doubt she is a full time caretaker of her mom's. If she was, she wouldn't have so much time in her hands doing ridiculous body poses everyday. I have a friend who had to take of her mom for a year and she barely had time for her social life.

Either way, I lost my respect to Stephanie when she did a video on her 2018 summary video and showed a part there where she was putting on diapers on her mom. It was absolutely disgusting she is expoloiting her own mother's illness to get sympathy from audiences without her consent.


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She’s really fed up with now being quarantined for 3 days but let’s post this about being fed up .. whilst being half naked n posing in front of a mirror. Self obsessed!!
Even if she wasnt quarantined she is always at home when she was in America. And nothing changed when she went to Canada; Still eats those boring ass cake pop oats and working out with her enabler boyfriend


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I’m a little fed up with her stories sometimes, I want to see new things. Like I know she struggled but I don’t want her page to solely be dedicated to her success of being all in. Wish to see something different.
Exactly this... If she tried to coast off all in forever she's gonna go stale. She needs fresh content. Wonder if she's got anything up her sleeve?


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i don't think so, her channel is only about her body - if she doesn't do anything crazy there's nothing to show because we already know what her body looks like and how many more updates can you give at this point
I predict she will just become a mukbang channel then fade into irrelevancy, god knows that market is saturated
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