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I got up at 5am

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Her latest stories about the cocos law.. I’m calling it now! She will be reshared by all the other gowls as a get out of jail card for their shitty disingenuous behaviour 🙄
That’s what she wants. She is mad for the attention. Like obviously if someone is genuinely bullied or harassed then ya definitely they should be protected but going to the guards because someone online said you dress like a teenager or your content is shit is not going to result in a criminal case no matter what she says.


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Ah lads, sweaty Betty of course. As someone on another thread said, they're the spot light for legs. 🤣

I actually had to buy a toothbrush the other day. I didn't even contemplate spotlight as I am sick of them through IG. So went with good ol Oral B, which doesn't feel then need to flog with every insta hun.


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I think Andrea Roche us destroying her clients by giving the same tat to all of them.
Why not have specific tat to specific huns.
Instead she's flooding everyone with the same tat.
That aside, I didn't think Sandra would lower herself to insta hun tat selling. I'm actually surprised.
All we're short now is to have a mother and daughter fashion show from Carrig Donn like Rachel does.
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