Could also be that tribe app bollocks. I believe you essentially do the ads then send them for approval. If the brand is happy then they pay according to the amount of followers you have. Every since someone pointed out that’s what Jadeee does it’s glaring obvious that’s how it works and is also why the #ads don’t seem to mesh well together I think


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I'm sure her and the other girls in her little group were supposed to be going away for a weekend 🤔 did I miss it?


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since this lockdown/coronavirus situation all she has done is talk about herself & emily and even promoted her husband’s business. shes really self centred and tagging companies really pisses me off as she is clearly begging. has she even acknowledged the hard work the NHS & other key workers are doing to keep this country running?!


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Has anyone noticed during this lockdown all of these ‘mummy influencers’ have absolutely 0 content? If I see another timelapse of her cleaning out some poxy cupboard then I can’t be held responsible for my actions😂 seriously though why don’t they just not bother posting and spend time with their kids