Jens Journey

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Irish fitness insta Hun This has been requested a few times so here we go

Fitness blogger who lost loads of weight after returning to Ireland from the UK

Friends with faces by grace and Dominique

Spill any tea! ☕


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Surely saving for a home for yourself and child would be more important to most people than skin removal? I never understood that. I don't follow her any more as the ads are constant and the put on accent irritate me no end.
I think with the amount of skin Jen had I understand why she went this way about it. It would have impeded her comfort in her day to day life. Plus once you get a house the bills never stop so easier to do it pre mortgage!
I do like her, and I think she is very honest about her journey etc. just one thing! She is always trying to hide her dublin accent and her accent/voice as a result is very forced and unnatural. I know she is making an effort to pronounce each word properly but it just grates on me.
I know she did theatrical work in London and you can hear that coming through. She probably had elocution lessons.
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