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There are definitely signs that something else has happened, break up seems the most likely based on photos seeming to be from a different bedroom etc.
Poor lass, if it is a break up no wonder she’s stressed. She’s said a few times that Dan 100% owns the house, so she’ll be missing the cat, grieving the relationship and figuring out her living situ all at once.
I never heard her say that he owns it! I thought it was equal. Jeeezeee didn’t think she would let that happen! Poor girl


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Don’t know if it means anything, but the home reno account seemed to disappear a couple of weeks ago. Which would make sense if they’d split, you don’t want a shared account with your ex.

Although like serious_susan says above, she said she was going away with him in early Nov. She said it was for her birthday though so perhaps it had been booked for ages.


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They’ve been together ages but they never seemed to do anything together? It looked like very very separate lives. It could of just come to a mutual end and they might of just gone away together as friends if it was already booked! I need to know haha
It's funny you should say that but I did wonder that myself when I was listening to her stories yesterday. It was something she'd said but of course I can't remember what now.
I thought the same - she said something like Twig (which is her other cat) and I appreciate all your messages. But didnt mention the boyfriend. Who I'm sure would also be upset about the cat passing away?


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I do like Hannah but does anyone else thinks she looks really poorly? Her face looks gaunt! Hope she’s ok.
Yes she looks awfully thin. Whatever’s going on with her has clearly taken its toll!

And I am not saying that she needs to share all her business on insta! But she’s being hella cryptic and milking it for all it’s worth!

Either open up (which I’m not saying is necessary) or say nothing at all and put on a normal front/ continue insta radio silence!


It's not a different bedroom, she stills in her house and the renovation account is still live from what I can see.

I. Hope she does say what's happened as alot of her followers are concerned for her.
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