Emily shak

On a side note, guy I used to work with in retail was a major sneaker head. Anyway, showed him Emily’s Instagram and all of her posts with those ridiculous Balenciaga trainers etc and has has literally confirmed and proved the vast majority are fake, small details but 100% fake. Made me chuckle
Made me spill my coffee can a get a copy for my Instagram account 😅😅😅

Have yous seen the before pictures of her? Before her nose jobs!!!

Omg look what drug money does for you Connelly's no a gel either hez better off without them pg and his gf look happy a d shes is so so pretty

Lol that’s really funny!

she must be making loads now tho !

Yeah definitely!
Seems like everyone knows each other etc
Her mum is usually with her sometimes have they fallen out with her aswell the girls a total idiot her we pal megan and a few of them stay around the north end of Glasgow and they are all just being passed about like barlinnies outdated scudbooks giving us lady a total red neck put your clothes on hen it to cold imagine jumping into a bath 2twice in a year with a guy of 7yrs now a guy shes been with 7months clown shak is getting used to the money and cars we see you Emily chic we steff is better of without him

Who is he? Another Scottish gangster I take it?
I think he thinks he is one he own a sanctuary total clown tbh know a lot of them stay around them and they would go with their grandad if it meant a wee holiday to the drug dealers holiday to none other than Dubai
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Someone mentioned Hayley and Claratinks, I think they’re funny and like watching their stories. I like kimmyg too. Don’t follow or care for much of the rest of them, Ash Reid is annoying af.
I like kimmy g too I think fair play to her she has three kids, working, meal planning gym and keeping a house it's not easy being a mama never mind everything else.
Claratinks is a hardworking girl with a talent. Unlike ai many others.
To be fair her hair transformations are pretty good x


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I knew Olivia Smith in another life (before her insta fame ) she was a horrible person, a proper mean girl and so lazy. Couldn't believe it when I stumbled across on her on insta and shes now an 'influencer'


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Annie’s unboxing ha ha ha ha what the fuck was that! Half the bag was out the shot, box was all grubby finger prints. Idiot


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He is 100% a drug dealer. He would often come into a shop I worked in with Shak and spend a fortune on her with his drug money. His sister worked here too, and it was clear that the Gough family are big in Scotland’s drug selling “community”. He was well associated with Scotland’s bigger drug barren. Shak was more than happy for Paul to fund her lifestyle and now that he has got her massive following and represents brands - she has dropped him.
Yep he is def a dealer I know a guy who’s a runner for him


Another Glasgow nobody thinking they’re somebody!
She’s not even from Glasgow she’s from Falkirk. Annie M is as fake as they come don’t be fooled by wee baby voice
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Yep he is def a dealer I know a guy who’s a runner for him

She’s not even from Glasgow she’s from Falkirk. Annie M is as fake as they come don’t be fooled by wee baby voice
It’s so creepy how much she modelled herself on Emily Shak when they were ‘friends’ then used the Paul scandal as an opportunity to bring Emily down to boost her own insta account. She’s a pathetic low life.