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It's a shame all this has split the country so much, I've never seen anything like it. Couples have even divorced because of it, it's ridiculous. I'm from a European background so I guess I'm 'biased' in wanting a second vote. I understand where people are coming from about unelected bureaucrats but I don't think it greatly affects our lives, each country in the EU still decides their own laws for the most part. I favour the employee rights, food standards, etc. I think the positives outweigh any negatives but that's just my opinion.
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I don't think it greatly affects our lives, each country in the EU still decides their own laws for the most part.
You're right, but for a long time politicians in the UK have blamed the EU as an easy excuse and the resentment has been building. Lots of things they are within control to fix but they don't want to / doesn't fit their agenda.

I think brexit is a result of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown more than anyone else.

Corbyn putting weight behind a 2nd vote is huge. Will probably destroy the labour support in much of the country and more ongoing problems.
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It’s a mess. There are no good options. A second vote would be impossibly damaging for democracy ( we are already so divided as has been said). No deal is a disaster economicallly...
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I want a second vote as can't see no deal ending well. I feel like this could've been sorted ages ago though. I mean a lot of people were already asking for a second vote immediately after the first one (as they felt they'd been mislead or didn't really know what they were voting for). Its a bit worrying that its due to happen in a couple of months and nothing is properly sorted yet.
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Yeah it’s hard to imagine how there could even be time for one ... (well that’s the PMs line)
Tulips +++
I had to laugh at the 'plus plus plus', can't wait for all this silly jargon to end :)

Another silly thing is this issue with not being able to have wonky/different size fruit and veg in UK supermarkets, and this being blamed on the EU. I've lived in Germany, France, Spain and Cyprus where wonky produce is 'normal' and not gimmicky at all lol

It may not be everyone's cup of tea on a gossip site but it makes a nice change discussing politics (hoping it doesn't get too heated?).

We don't really know where Corbyn stands, isn't he more for a general election than a second referendum? I could be wrong, though. I heard he was against joining the EEC back in the 70s but his reasons were more anti-capitalist back then, it could be very different now with the emphasis on workers' rights and human rights laws.

@Yel- I agree a lot of traditionally Labour-voting people have 'switched over': I wonder if it's also due to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown creating this idea of the global elite we keep hearing about, lol?
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Corbyn is definitely Eurosceptic at the least and has never done a good job hiding it. Then Theresa May, in charge of overseeing Brexit, campaigned for Remain at the time. One of the many political paradoxes that have contributed to this chaos. The traditional party system does not represent where we are now at all.

You blame Blair and Brown, I’m sure there’s some strong links that will only become clearer over time. But I can’t help but be furious with David Cameron. I genuinely think a lot of it was his arrogance after previous wins - Scottish referendum, getting a majority in 2015 election - and to settle a factional dispute in his own party. Most people didn’t care - yes maybe they had some strong feelings about the state of the country but this was not the way. People didn’t know enough about the EU to make a decision like that - and I’m talking about voters on both sides here.

Imagine all the things the government could be working on without this?!
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In my opinion we voted to leave, so we leave. I think, if there is a second vote is should be between the PMs deal and no deal. It shouldn’t be a stay or no deal vote.
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I think,in an ideal world, some form of a possible deal should have been on the table before we were given the choice to vote on it. In or Out was a ridiculous choice, how were we supposed to know what Out even meant? I think that’s why there’s the call for a second vote. We have more information now (still not enough as far as I’m concerned) so should be given the choice.
We were asked to choose between black and white but are now going to get some random shade of grey so what was the point in even asking us?
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Agree the bendy bananas are a myth, embarrassing that people keep believing it. There's plenty wrong with the EU, but does being a member do more harm than good is the real question? For me yes; I like the food standards, animal welfare and working regulations. But I can see how a lot are having a shit time and see little benefit of the EU for them.

What Corbyn wants personally and as the leader of the opposition are two very different things! He missed out on a trick by not voting for her deal, that would have lead to the DUP not supporting May in a vote of confidence and triggering a general election.

I'm not even an EU citizen (through a confusing family history) even though I grew up in the UK.

I blame Blair and Brown for everything, but I think they need to take more responsibility for the state we are in now. These things don't just happen overnight, its been building for a long time. Our in work benefits in the UK are a right mess, long term subsidising the wages of big corporations to pay very little then get topped up by the taxpayer. It just isn't sustainable to keep doing that long term and plenty could pay the CEO less and the workers a wage that they can live off.

Is anyone reading this from other European countries? I do wonder what the average person thinks over there. In Greece and Italy I keep hearing that the younger generations are very anti EU due to the huge debts they've been saddled with.
You blame Blair and Brown, I’m sure there’s some strong links that will only become clearer over time. But I can’t help but be furious with David Cameron.
I know what you mean, Cameron has some of the blame and could have defused the situation had he been more effective. But my gripes with B&B are more over creating the situation that has led to where we are. So many countries are having the kind of conflicts we are because of these things building up imo.

Imagine all the things the government could be working on without this?!
Yep, its totally paralysed the government and will do for a long time. :(
@Yel- I don't know much about it but the way I see it, it probably wasn't a good idea for certain 'corrupt' countries entering into the Euro currency which caused the debt issues. Some of my relatives in Cyprus have lost faith in the EU after the bailout situation a few years ago, I'm assuming people in Greece may feel the same. I suppose it's a love/hate relationship.
Sorry for the double post but I've often wondered how busy Theresa May would have been without all this Brexit palaver, as Horatio has mentioned. She's more or less become Brexit Secretary herself. I'm not exactly a fan of hers or her party but I respect her for trying to sort it all out after others before her were all talk and eventually bottled it (don't get me started on Bojo waiting in the wings after she's done all the hard work ;)).
I'm so torn. On the one hand, I really don't want us to leave. But.... having a second vote ruins the integrity of democracy. What SHOULD have happened is better preparation for the referendum in the first place. A lot of people voted leave on a whim, and then expressed remorse when it actually happened.

Surely we haven't got time for a general election now. I think they should form a coalition government, pool ideas, get the job done correctly, doing the best they can to minimize the impact on us all. I am sick of all the back and forth between the parties at the moment. They need to FOCUS ON THE TASK!

My main immediate worries if we do leave:-

-Brexit being used as excuse for prices going up and taxes going up, and wages going down, meaning we are all hit directly in the pocket, meaning we will find it even harder to save for future, houses etc.
-Employment rights going down hill (i.e. everyone forced onto 0 hour contracts, no sick pay etc)
-No NHS. I am terrified that we will go down the insurance route. We already pay up to the eyeballs for many other things, it is terrifying.

All the above are my own fears, not saying they will happen but let's be real, this is going to cost each and every one of us, and IT IS GOING TO HURT, whether we wanted to leave or not.
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I can’t say whether I think we should leave without a deal or for Theresa May’s deal... both have the potential to be damaging. However I do not think we should have a second referendum. It undermines our democracy completely. Would we then need a third, or a fourth, if the result isn’t as desired? The same for future general elections, people will expect second votes there, and that doesn’t work in a democratic society. In my opinion a second vote would be more catastrophic to our country than no deal/May’s deal would be. It is a mess though; that I think we can all agree on!
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^ Yes, it's definitely a mess. I do understand the issue with having a second vote, even if some people think we weren't given enough information to start with. It would've been easy for those who decided to leave no matter what, I suppose. I get the impression it would be a Remain majority (only just) this time around if we had a second vote. So, we would have the same problem in that there wouldn't be a clear majority again. Leaving wouldn't be the end of the world, it's just the unknown that makes me a little fearful tbh. Just my opinion but I can't help thinking we're throwing away a good thing. It will also be annoying having to get visas now as I travel regularly to the Continent for work but I accept that's 'my problem'.
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