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  1. BettyCrockerr

    Westholme Interiors #5

    New thread. Couldn’t see any thread suggestions so just went for a functional one!!!! As you were…..
  2. ohyes

    Westholme Interiors #4 Nikki’s reno is really, everything’s painted grey and whhhhhite!

    New thread! Well overdue 😄 House is still grey and white, but a baby is about to be added to the mix 🤪 If anyone else wants to add an update feel free!
  3. BettyCrockerr

    Westholme Interiors #3 Nicki Brown

    It was time for a new thread so here we go....
  4. BettyCrocker

    Westholme Interiors #2 Nikki Brown

    Created a new thread as it was time, couldn’t see any thread title suggestions so just went for a functional one instead!!! 😂
  5. ohyes

    Westholme Property

    I was just watching Nikki’s (Westholme Property) stories and she’s been sent food from a local Aberdeenshire company. She’s donating the total cost of the food to the volunteer air ambulance service that attended the train crash that happened just outside Stonehaven on Wednesday. Can’t imagine...
  6. youcanthandlethetruth

    Westholme property

    Don’t get me wrong I quite like Nikki BUT have you heard her this evening talking to a fking cat?!? I’m cringing so much I’ve nearly bitten my own teeth.
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