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Ian Tracey (born June 26, 1964) is a Canadian actor. Over the years, Tracey has participated in more than seventy films and television series. Tracey has starred in series such as Da Vinci's Inquest and Intelligence, both CBC television series produced by long-time colleague Chris Haddock. He is also known for his role as the title character in 1979's Huckleberry Finn and His Friends.

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  1. #obsssessed

    Tracey Quinn #7 Will spend 1200 on a new iPhone but leave the kids froze to the bone

    Most liked title thanks to @my_titties_tattling TT still waiting on a free iPhone!!
  2. #obsssessed

    Tracey Quinn #6 Growin a veggie patch to bulk up me freezer stash!

    Thanks to @crankypants13 for the title! TT continues to be as dull as dishwater but the freebies keep rolling in 🙄🙄 Apparently she only has one child and the other poor boy gets left to his own devices when the ‘baby’ naps so mammy can read a book/watch Netflix/coffee!
  3. #obsssessed

    Tracey Quinn #5 Once a month podcaster 'til I'm an RTE broadcaster

    @Tuppenceabag for the title!! I didn’t use the full title, hope that’s ok 🙈 although it looks likes she’s set her sights on a new career!!
  4. #obsssessed

    Tracey Quinn #4 Willow stuck to the tit so Peter’s not getting his bit!!

    Thanks @MickyJo for this legend of a title!! TT still as tight as ever but was out with her ‘best friends’ last night for indescribable food 😂😂
  5. #obsssessed

    Tracey Quinn #3 Pockets are tight, will SuperValu or Aldi win the fight

    @GossPot this was your title suggestion Also I’ve never done this before so I hope it’s right!!
  6. M

    Tracey Quinn #2 Free pink hair, self care and willllllooow bear

    -Tracey Tuppence - Frozen Corn, obsessed with my 2nd born New thread title by Nards32!
  7. What's the tea Mrs Doyle?

    Tracey Quinn (@traceysblog)

    Irish Instagram personality