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  1. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #76 Tim and Jenn's Emotional Rollercoaster

    Thread title courtesy of @NotCrazy We just watched Day 2 of the latest Cunt-cierge covid cruise
  2. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #75 The Holy Moly goes viral (and not in a good way)!

    Time for a new thread, back to back thread titles goes to @Monkeypoopants How butchered will the Slackers cruise footage be? Will they give us the "We wanted to keep it private excuse" because we found out too much about the ordeals they went through? How will they try to deflect any...
  3. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #74 We booked the wrong Chris Pratt!

    Time for a new Slacker thread. The title is courtesy of @Monkeypoopants The Slackers are out at sea on another concierge cruise that may or may not include Dim's parents, but it does include the wrong Chris Pratt as the one they are tagging along with isn't a movie star, just a star at being...
  4. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #73 Gorging and Hoarding on the High Seas

    This thread courtesy of @airbusA330 When we last left the Slackers/Snackers, they were filling their faces at the Flower and Garden Festival with their good friend The Holy Moley
  5. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #72 Tattle has them rattled

    Time for a new TimSlacker thread, this title is courtesy of @TawdryT In the most recent live vlog The Trackers put forth they admitted they are hoarders, and that there are apparently way more than just the "Unwell 3" who makes Jenn's fingers work extra hard blocking and deleting comments from...
  6. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #71 LIVE From Ft. Pampers it’s The Tim Tracker Home Vlog!

    Title courtesy of @Monkeypoopants
  7. Firefly03-K64

    Tim Tracker #70 She Has Risen (After Noon) 🧟‍♀️

    Tim Tracker #70: She Has Risen (After Noon) 🧟‍♀️ New thread courtesy of @Quasimodo Didn't know if our usual new thread maker would be busy this holiday.
  8. S

    The Tim Tracker #69 Trashy Tim Tracker White Trash People With Money Awkwardly Doing Stuff

    Shout out to @HereForTheT3a22 for the suggestion. The Trackers are fresh off their SPAcE cruise after Tim tirelessly thirsted chased after Sammi for two days. We join the dirty couple as they slough through Marriott World Center Drive.. Oops just realized that the word trashy got accidentally...
  9. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #68 Jackson’s Diaper and Jenn: Live and full of crap

    Thread title courtesy of @Cold&Bitter Continue discussing our "favourite" Trackers here
  10. Lankylamb

    The Tim Tracker #67 Jenn you are a witch

    New thread title courtesy of @HereForTheT3a22 :m 🎉 Ginn has had to look after J$ While Stanny McPhee is taking vacation. What new skills with she teach the Miracle child? How to use a drill to put up the broken shelf? How to work the lawn mower so he can tidy up the yard? Meanwhile we have...
  11. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #66 Did we mention we’re in Concierge?

    Time for a new thread, the Slackers are fresh off their ridiculous 4 day cruise where they dropped nearly half a years salary for someone making $20 a hour. The thread title is courtesy of @Cold&Bitter I cannot wait to see the train wreck which will be their Star Cruiser Vlogs. How drunk...
  12. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #65 Is Gaya Contagious?

    Is it because I think Dim just vlogged some...who knows but J$ tried running away from Gaya or was it Jenn? The thread title is courtesy of @Quasimodo It was a close race between Quasimodo the Tim Slacker, but Quasi takes it by a nose. They just uploaded Day 3 of their Cruise Vlog where they...
  13. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #64 Concierge - We’re Better than You™️

    thread title courtesy of @Monkeypoopants
  14. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #63 When the toaster shows J$ more warmth than gin

    This thread is courtesy of @Iwantallthetea So the Slackers are back on another vacation, this time staying in a suite on a Disney Cruise Ship that is more than 20K for the entire voyage. Dim fresh off double "hernia" surgery from carrying his channel and useless wife for the last decade plus...
  15. Cold&Bitter

    The Tim Tracker #62 The chronicles of hernia

    Oh, I can create threads! I liked my own suggestions, but, man, @Quasimodo knocked it outta the park. TL;DR Tim gets his wisdom teeth pulled, rushes the healing, and suffers from a dry socket (in addition to Jenn's) for 2 weeks. Having learned his lesson, Tim gets hernia surgery and rushes...
  16. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #61 Lost 250 pounds in one day, gained it all back when I had to go home!

    This thread title is courtesy of @Firefly03-K64 Did Dim finally take control of his channel again? Two vlogs in a row with no Ginn and J$ Knowing our luck that means we will be getting 3 Jenn Centric Vlogs coming up shortly, or a couple live streams BECAUSE EDITING IS SO HARD GUYZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...
  17. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #60: Have an Oinktastic Day!

    Time for a new thread, this one is courtesy of @Quasimodo The Slackers just uploaded their Peppa Pig vlog, well after everyone else because it's so hard not raising your miracle child. The amount of times Dim said "secret tunnel" in this vlog is too damn high. It is nice that they themed an...
  18. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #59 Watch The Jenn show? I'd Rather Pull My Teeth Out!

    Another thread has come and gone. This title is courtesy of @Lankylamb The Trackers just uploaded their first "day" "roughing" it in a huge RV at Fort Wilderness and despite packing enough shit to traverse Mt. Everest they apparently still forgot a bunch of shit despite the fact they live...
  19. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #58 Mirror Mirror on the wall Jenn’s the one we like least of all!

    Time for a new Slacker thread. This one is courtesy of @MustLoveGoats The Bojos just uploaded a new vlog where the exploitation of J$ hits a new level having him record the outro. Jenn once again being completely useless is making Dim move furniture around while having 2 either...
  20. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #57 Kid? What Kid?

    Time for a new thread! This one is courtesy of @scopeyscope The Trackers are on another "stay"cation this time at a legit mansion that sleeps the entire Duggar family with room to spare. I don't even know where to begin anymore with these two. They are just refusing to deal with their...
  21. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #56 An Anthropological Study of Stupidity!

    I'm making the new thread while digesting my dinner in my hotel room at Disney. The thread title is courtesy of @mjm9 There were a few contenders, I was personally pulling for "The Tim Tracker #56: Happy Smile, I love you" but it was in second place. I haven't been following the Slackers the...
  22. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #55 Yeah

    Perhaps the most simple thread title ever suggested, but it overwhelmingly was the most popular in the last thread is courtesy of @WDWUO83 The Slackers have apparently hired a full time Nanny to watch their Miracle Baby despite the fact both of them don't have standard jobs, they can work when...
  23. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #54 Stranger Danger? Wut dis?

    Another thread came and went full of us bemoaning about the Slackers idiotic ways and how they are blowing through money faster than Dim pointing out USB ports or the commode during a room tour. The title is courtesy of @Monkeypoopants Will the Slackers actually follow through with their...
  24. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #53: My Massage Oils Bring All the Flies to the Yard

    The thread title is courtesy of @Quasimodo as Bobby B from the Sopranos said So the Slackers are fresh off of their 2022 New Years Prediction video, where they list a bunch of things they want to accomplish, but will never end up doing. Ginn with the stunner that she wants another baby, but...
  25. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #52 And now it’s time to pay…for a new logo

    Time for a new thread, this title is courtesy of @Dont Call Them Creators So we got a 30 minute vlog, which 20 minutes of it was J$ opening presents that will be discarded and forgotten about until someone falls over one in their dimly lit McMansion and gets another black eye. Ginn who can't...
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