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  1. P

    TheTimTracker #2 and now it's time to charge the Tesla

    Big thanks to @M:spilotistc12 for the new thread title. I know we all are waiting with bated breath to see the Slackers enjoy their vacation from vacation of a life as they needed another Disney Staycation.
  2. Oohthedrama


    Where there’s a ying there’s a yang so moving here from the rave thread. I find them so creepy, I don’t even know why and I’m pretty sure Jen freaks me out more than Tim. but I can’t see a rave thread when there is so much wrong with this pair 🤣😂 they’re also incredibly lazy. will they...
  3. Highlandcow


    I personally love watching Tim and Jen but saw they are getting a lot of hate because he bought a Gucci cardigan. What's everyones thoughts on them?
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