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  1. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #114 Well at Olive Garden.. when you are there you forget you have family!

    Thread title comes courtesy of @HereForTheT3a22 via @Etj via @mjm9 homeslogs are in, the parks are out After the OG destroyed their stomachs they will continue to eat there because it’s “so affordable”. The Slackers actually followed through and shipped some packages from their snot so merry...
  2. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #113 1 Chainz, 2 Nanniez, 3 Napz, 4 Chinz

    Thread title courtesy of @pkd81 👏👏👏 Recap anyone?
  3. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #112 Our snot so random giveaway

    Thanks to @bluebird33 for this weeks thread title. A quick recap if anyone else wants to fill in the holes. It took tattle an entire week to fill a thread with such low video counts as the Slackers try to recover from their 3.5hr giveaway. The not so lucky winners should be checking their...
  4. Quasimodo

    The Tim Tracker #111 Driving Miss Lazy, with Buddy von Napp

    Congrats to @TawdryT for submitting the winning title and combining @Southpaw33's hilarious title + Buddy's new nickname, @Orangebird + their child for the Driving Miss Lazy graphic, @andreaob and @scopeyscope for reviving the suggestion (did I miss anyone else?) We're currently in the...
  5. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #110 I just took a glucose test, turns out I'm 100% that b

    Thread title courtesy of @Quasimodo Recap anyone?
  6. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #109 Naps in the afternoon and bankruptcy soon - a very Tracker babymoon

    new thread title courtesy of @pkd81
  7. V

    The Tim Tracker #108 Tiny Tim - A Griftmas Carol

    Congrats to @Commobore for a festive Tracker thread title! Recap is same as last thread: they went to Aulani. Lots of pics of JennBo pushing the boundaries of modern fabrics and stitching. Feel free to add to the recap
  8. V

    The Tim Tracker #107: No class in First Class

    Congrats to @ImRonBurgundy? for another hilarious thread title! Recap: They went to Aulani again for another "babymoon" with a new nanny in tow. Some other stuff. Others please feel free to add to the recap. Lol
  9. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #106: Ginn is “NOT THE MAMA!”

    This weeks thread title goes to @ImRonBurgundy? The Slackers are off on a family vacation baby moon to Aulani. Somehow Ginn got approved to fly for nine hours and no one fails to question the legitimacy. Views continue to fall as they are resorting to publishing bottom of the barrel content to...
  10. V

    The Tim Tracker #105 It's My Party and I'll s word if I Want to 🎶

    Congrats to @Quasimodo for another high quality Tracker thread title. Can someone else do the recap? You guys all rock! *Note not sure s word is allowed in a title I will change to crap if it isn't or mods will I assume.
  11. V

    The Tim Tracker #104 Enjoying “family time” that Jackson would have loved.

    Congrats to @ImRonBurgundy? for another great thread title. I will let someone else hand recap duties please!
  12. Quasimodo

    The Tim Tracker #103 Hi Marie!

    Thread title courtesy of @SirHiss and some Tracker stan named Marie who is denial she's part of a cult and would probably have totally fallen for Ted Bundy's "niceness" and charm. We may be finally hopefully done with more redundant cruise vlogs until next year or until Dim loses his mind and...
  13. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #102 We're in The Grifted Program

    Thread title courtesy of @TawdryT Anyone care to do a recap?
  14. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #101 And now it’s time to pay the superchat

    Thread title comes courtesy of @Maleficent50 As the Bojos sail the seven seas we get to watch Useless internally combust as she sets out to become what she loathes. A parenting pack mule. Who would have ever thought having kids would be so hard when you can’t pay for a Nanny. It appears after...
  15. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #100 We Should Have Used Plan B and Now We've Hired Plan "Bea"

    Thread title courtesy of @Quasimodo! Congrats on thread title #100 Anyone like to do a quick recap for us?
  16. V

    The Tim Tracker #99 I’ve got 99 problems and Jenn is all of them

    Congrats to @HereForTheT3a22 for a hilarious new thread title. I will let someone else handle recap duties please!
  17. honestrands

    The Tim Tracker #98 Great kob on the home gloggs!

    This weeks title comes from Quasimodo inspired by Reddit’s own BoodleNoodle. Recap: The trackholes continue to post outdated uninspired home movies. Rumour is they are on their umpteenth cruise of 2022? Who knows, who cares, I don’t.
  18. S

    The Tim Tracker #97 Jenn Slipped and It Wasn’t On a Banana Peel

    Title courtesy of @NanTeaDrew We are still witnessing the slew of terribly edited Disney vlogs from their trip almost a month ago. Thanks for dragging it on Jen! They are pissed they didn’t see Chip or get their miracle child a PB&J, such hard lives they live. I sure hope they can get a...
  19. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #96 Run, Nanny Lean, Run!

    new thread title courtesy of @2020planner
  20. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #95 We're Not Late, We're Behind Schedule

    New thread courtesy of @Imbris Anyone care to do a recap?
  21. Iwantallthetea

    TheTimTracker #94 Help Control the Prop Population, Have Your Tracker Spayed or Neutered

    Thread title courtesy of @curious_penguin Continue discussing the Slackers here. Anyone care to give a recap?
  22. honestrands

    TheTimTracker #93 And Now it's Time to Steal Some Content

    Post title suggestion comes from @xmasbdaygirl courtesy of Jenn herself As Ginn continues to blame how long editing takes, the videos still take forever to be posted. After not being given media privileges at Halloween horror nights TheBojos proceeded to steal the videos from Vloggers stating...
  23. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #92 Their Ship Has Sailed

    Time for a new Slacker thread. The title is courtesy of @Iwantallthetea Ginn finally got around to uploading their first HNH Vlog, and it didn't even contain anything from HNH just them making the massive drive from Lake Nona to Universal Studios and looking at the Tribute Store. Meanwhile...
  24. Iwantallthetea

    The Tim Tracker #91 Jackson would have loved it!

    Thread title courtesy of @Lankylamb Continue discussing the trackholes here ....
  25. peteykirch

    The Tim Tracker #90 I "WISH" Jenn Would Shut Up

    Time for a new Tracker thread, the title is courtesy of @VloggerCritic Jenn just uploaded the first day of their "Wish" cruise which was nearly as long as a regular Hollywood movie. Cue the stans falling over themselves are her editing prowess of cobbling together a 90 minute home movie vlog...
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