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  1. Shazblag

    The Markland Home #5 Gemma still thinking she’s a holiday hotty, please no more snaps of that scrawny botty

    New Thread Trolls Just in time for her current freebie holiday, thanks for the title suggestion @ImoC. Still no apology or acknowledgment for her racist, fat shaming, homophobic tweets. Life goes on as normal for Hurr. Shes going to have to give this cruise a full 5 stars after all she hasnt...
  2. Shazblag

    Themarklandhome #4 Racist tweets for all to see, but Gemma insists it wasn’t me.

    Thanks to @Paperdoll23 👏👏 for the winning thread title, some good ones posted but this was the stand out winner. Shes back posting like it never happened but we all witnessed it, special mention and thanks to the ladies going the extra mile, doing the lords work spreading awareness to all...
  3. Shazblag

    Themarklandhome #3 Homophobic, body shaming, racist and vile, collabs dried up, no holidays for a while

    Thanks for title suggestions @TheWitchIsBack seems to be the winner Continue here Trolls, anyone want to do a recap please do.
  4. DebbieF

    Themarklandhome #2 tacky pink home, ratty fake hurr all of her neighbours think she’s a ‘mare

    Thank you to @ImoC for the thread title with the most likes 👏🏻 Recap on what‘s been happening :- *It was her birthday this week, cue the gifted pod, balloons, picnic table for her soirée *Film crew arrived to film the gifted lights that would illuminate Manchester Airport *House is for sale...
  5. MrsPurchase


    Couldn’t find a thread for this one so apologies if one already exists. Has anyone seen this home account? Carbon copy of Hinch (new build, lists, diamond pen, cleaning, dog) but instead of grey, everything is pink and rose gold. I wonder if the husband gets any say in the decor choices. Maybe...