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  1. Greencatfysh

    The Tummy Diaries (Lottie Drynan) #8 Absolutely not a size 12

    New thread for Lottie
  2. Jessie98

    The Tummy Diaries #7 the tan tastic ego, failing to steal the show, never ending parenting woe

    Thanks to @starper for the most likes on a new thread post. If someone wants to give a run down please do so :) So far she is still self diagnosing and constantly on the beg for her house renovations. Seems to be working too from the look of it. Still trying to sell us sympro for gut health...
  3. W

    Thetummydiaries #6 Lottie Drynan the innocent one, ‘accidentally’ opening presents to ruin all the fun

    Thanks to @Jessie98 for the most liked thread title. Quick recap - Lottie is still Grottie with fake tan, admitted she can’t wash properly. She got gifted a Christmas tree, her mum is still surgically attached to her and Ross looks sick of her. The use of ADHD as a ‘cute’ character trait continues.
  4. B

    Thetummydiaries (Lottie Drynan) #5 Lottie with every ailment under the sun, minus hypochondria the actual one

    Thanks @Jessie98 for the most liked thread title!☺ As suggested by many tattlers, added Lottie’s full name in the thread title to make it more accessible for everyone!🤍
  5. S

    Thetummydiaries #4 Grottie Lottie always on the beg, don’t you know she’s the first women to be preg

    Thank you @starper for the thread title! quick recap: Lottie is now 85 months pregnant and despite having almost every issue you can have while pregnant, she is living her best life. and by best life I mean there is some new drama every single day because how could she live without attention...
  6. S

    Thetummydiaries#3 Only her brain is bloated, elasticated everything even though can’t accept the weight gain

    Thanks for the new thread title to myself @smirkingrevenge made it shorter to make it fit. So the reno is an absolute car crash, to the point of Lottie being in awe of basic demo not turning into drama. Accountability does not feature in our beloved Lottie’s vocabulary and she voiced this in...
  7. Mickeymouse56

    Thetummydiaries #2 You’ve gut...A belly not a bloat

    New thread guys! Thanks to the person who thought of the new title 🤣
  8. U


    Anyone else follow?