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  1. T

    Smithy Family #7 Who are they?

    Thanks to @My2pWorth for the thread title (y) Recap= Same old same old crap but now in Devon 🥴 (Please someone add a more detailed one if you wish :giggle:) I'll put @mumz last post here as it's fresh for the new chapter :)... " They had a load of videos reported and removed on the new Smithy...
  2. My2pWorth

    Smithy Family #6 Nick’s Devon dream is getting brighter, His Nike Jog-pants are getting Tighter

    Thanks to @Tryger88 for the thread title with the most votes 👏 Smithys are still doing dangerous pranks whilst their popularity is only from minors. Facebook allow the sexual innuendos and disgusting content. The cars are getting ruined. Jack gets bullied and abuse from Nick. Jess still...
  3. mumz

    Smithy Family #5 Janky Jess Has Dropped The Baby, The Neggy Comments Have Drove Nick Crazy

    Losing their relevance Posting shameful content Jess threw a lifelike looking doll out of a window which angered even the Smithy Warriors Guilty of squirting vinegar which is an acid into Jack and Jess's eyes The big dream house in Devon fell through because they can't raise the mortgage...
  4. mumz

    Smithy Family #4 Nicks Watching Tattle & Now He’s Lost His Rattle

    Congrats to Leeboy31 for the title Smithy family recap: Tiktokkers loved them They did funny pranks Turned into dangerous pranks sometimes All pranks are staged Had a house fire Got accused of being behind it Never proved Took a large gofundme payout Went on a spend spend spend spree Boughts...
  5. N

    The Smithy Family #3 videos no longer funny and Nicks running out of money

    New thread 👌🏻 Can someone do a recap? I didn’t follow the last thread that closely!
  6. WilmaHun

    The Smithy Family #2 TikToks most idiotic family!

    Old thread here Tiktok family known for silly pranks and genuinely stupid videos. They have recently had a fire at their home. Some tattlers believe it is an inside job for an insurance scam, whilst others are more...