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  1. QueenBW

    Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen #5 Just a Plain Mean Girl Underneath the Hippie Facade

    Well we made it through another thread, and through the piles and piles of entitlement and plain misinformation and nasty bragging Mean Girl, sorry Yoga Girl, throws at her audience. Thread title courtesy of @feelingsalty and nominated by @Lady1980 Recap includes but isn't limited to: -...
  2. QueenBW

    Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen #4 "Ancestral" Woman

    And we're on to the fourth thread for our always controversial Rachel Brathen! In the past thread, she moved her family to a new "farm", engaged in despicable grief tourism, and continued to look like a thumb. Can't wait to see what this thread brings around!
  3. QueenBW

    Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen #3 Conversations from the Ego

    Time flies when we're being *ancestral* and *aligned with our hearts* and we're on to thread number 3 of Rachel Brathen the (scam) artist who should no longer be known as Yoga Girl. Thank you to @Tatt1424 for the winning title suggestion! Our (un)official podcast recappers can take it away in...
  4. QueenBW

    Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen #2 Shady as Hell Material Girl Living in Fantasy World

    We made it to the second thread for once-yogi now... gardener? Professional liar? Rachel Brathen. Thanks to @whathastheworldcometo for the thread name suggestion, reworked with something I said and @Suzecakes suggested as threat title too. What to recap... - Rachel's single yoga activity, a...
  5. QueenBW

    Yoga Girl Rachel Brathen, Pseudo Guru, Real Cash Grab

    Hi all (actually, is anyone out here?) I looked here on Tattle, and even on Reddit and there doesn't seem an active, dedicated, place to discuss "Yoga Girl" aka Rachel Brathen. Which is odd considering she has 2 million followers on Instagram and is one of the OG Yoga Influencers. And also...