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  1. Be More Pacific

    PinkPeonyHome #6 Fat puffy face, hair's a disgrace, why is your accent all over the place?

    New thread for the vile mahogany horror. Winning suggestion was mine - thank you ma lovelies 🥰 I did make a sight change though, given the absolute state of her wig right now. Anyone care to do a recap? 🤗
  2. X

    PinkPeonyHome #5 Grief tourist, mahogany munter, chicken stock, laughing stock!

    New thread, same grief hunting munter!
  3. X

    PinkPeonyHome #4 Munchausen’s by Insta proxy, her new kitchen’s gonna be poxy!

    Thank you to @Be More Pacific for the new thread title :)
  4. Riley.x

    PinkPeonyHome #3 McCready by name, McGreedy by nature

    'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse The stockings were hung by the chimney with care Whilst Jen scrubbed off her tan and tried not to mess up her hair🎄 Credit to @Right on top of that rose for the winning thread suggestion!
  5. Be More Pacific

    PinkPeonyHome #2 Fish tank fire, Pauline Fowler hair. Jen's on the gin - she don't care!

    New thread to discuss our favourite shiny, tacky, tarty, busting out of her clothes Hinch wannabe! My thread suggestion was the winning one with 11 votes 🙈 (I promise)
  6. G


    Anyone else follow her? I used to like her, now she's just AD after AD. How tacky to be advertising some dodgy lottery. Plus I'm not sure the Scottish Caravan Show could have picked a less suitable person to be advertising them... as if she's ever going to stay in the tent they sent her ?
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