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  1. MarkC1387

    Paul Stenson #4 Terrible haircut just looks bad, bought new dog to not feel sad

    Time for a new thread. Thanks to @fannymcslap for the title. As you were!
  2. Macadelic

    Paul Stenson #3 Fallen out with Mum and Dad, Paul is looking really sad ☹

    Thanks to @ShaWei for the title! Thread 3! What will this season bring? :coffee:
  3. Oohthedrama

    Paul Stenson #2 including ex Jason Kidd and the Kidd family

    Thread 2! will baby Jay return to London to pursue his dreams of finding a new sugar daddy will Paul embarrass himself even further by riding the Jason merry go round yet again. will the Kidd family continue to be the hot mess they always are. will the White Moose invest in masks. who knows!
  4. N

    Paul Stenson (& ex Jason Kidd/the Kidd family) @whitemoosecafe

    Not sure if there is a thread about them. What does everyone think? You don’t see much of Jason and Paul together anymore. Are they still engaged?
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