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    Niamh de Brún #4 Filters and Steps, jus give it a rest! We couldn't care less if you fed by the breast

    Thanks to @dddddddddddd and @catchinguphere21 for the title. Other thread had over 1.1k comments
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    Niamh Debrun #3 Steps and more steps, water and the gym but marrying a hurler is her biggest win

    Thanks to @TreesOfGreen for the thread title. Previous thread ::
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    Niamh DeBrun #2 Changes wedding like knickers, live streams bickers, fear cals in Snickers

    Thread number 2: Sorry, had to shorten it slightly! Full thread title ‘Changes wedding date more than my knickers, pretend I love TJ but live stream the bickers, my worst fear is the calories in a Snickers’ Summary of previous thread: Bridezilla has postponed her wedding and is now going for...
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    Niamh Debrun

    Thread for Niamh as requested. i like her she is motivating me to do exercise she’s my inspo at the moment.