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  1. bamboo98

    Nelly London #4 No creative ideas of her own, probably because she never leaves her home

    Thread title is from @corgilover 🎉 Old thread is here if anyone wants to read it - In the last thread she went viral and the video she posted was actually a copy of...
  2. bamboo98

    Nelly London #3 Always complaining, negative Nelly, wants to appear bigger so contorts her belly

    @cee-bee had the winning title from the previous thread 🎉🎉 #2 is here if anyone wants to catch up with her lies.
  3. Harry

    Nelly London #2 Fake name but being deceitful is her game

    Started a new thread, I’m not the most creative unlike our Helena so I kept the title basic and honest… as we were Old thread:
  4. bubblebar1317


    Thoughts on her? I liked her but can find her a bit too much sometimes and had to unfollow. Sometimes you can dislike your stretch marks but get on with it instead of putting a sickly sweet spin on everything! Also always puts her pants sooo high up