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  1. F

    MrsMakeup #6 As long as eejits keep buying I'll keep Dubai-ing"

    Thank you to @Californiadreamin for the winning thread title. This is my first time starting a new thread so can someone do a recap?
  2. T

    MrsMakeup #5 Well lads i hope your keeping safe and well, i got a new chandelier, are yis well jell!

    As you were! --- Thanks to @youramuppet for the title
  3. T

    MrsMakeup #4 Gio who’s he? It’s all about my Mini Me!

    We’re in Dubai for Christmas !!! She’s miserable, Marks miserable & kids wondering when Santa will drop by?! She booked this 8 months ago, just ‘because’ but now has huge regret!
  4. Ryan80

    MrsMakeup #3 It's a She, a miracle it would be, can't wait to cash in on my little mini me!

    Thanks to @#Who_The_F##k_Am_I for the new title. Anyone wish to do a reacp
  5. L

    MrsMakeUp #2 is it a He or a She? Swipe up and you’ll see!

    Michelle Regazzolli Stone. I forgot to include the thread number in the title does this matter? Not sure if it’s #2 or #3 😂😂 Any guesses on how she’s going to do the big reveal?
  6. Oohthedrama

    MrsMakeUp - Michelle Regazzoli Stone

    thread set up for MrsMakeUp, As requested on another thread.