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  1. Beavana

    Miriam Mullins #4 Anxiety is a struggle but theres beauty in the colouring book

    @Maniac2003 😂 😂😂 Got a good laugh when I saw this title Off to some event, wonder is she discussing some of her Irish mammy videos with Lauren Whelan - seems well up her street 🤔😂😂
  2. my_titties_tattling

    Miriam Mullins #3 Mirz and t-pain are in a delusional bubble, don’t worry babes theres beauty in the struggle

    New thread 🙌 Thanks to @imthebadguyduh for the title Anyone want to recap?
  3. doawheelie

    Miriam Mullins #2 botching her hair and selling worn underwear

    New thread 🙌🏼 Thanks to @mazzydunne for the new title✌🏼 quick recap; 25 from cork, makes skits on tik tok aimed at people 10+ years younger then her, doesn’t believe in the 5K travel limit. Tiaan is her right arm & was trending Last night for her shit skits🥴
  4. D

    Miriam on the fence Mullins

    24 year old from cork, started off with YouTube/Snapchat/Instagram but now focuses more on TikTok. Target audience is the younger age group but wants to please everyone so will try appeal to all ages. Went on a rant about staying at home during the current level 5 lockdown although she had just...