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  1. M

    Tignam #25 Facecream jars, financed cars, we can see her lumpy lips from Mars

    New thread. Thanks to @Joannaem for most liked suggestion. As ye were "Fuckers". Recap. Swigs is still slithering around on the couch like an oily fish, eye fucking herself on the daily using 140 filters and trying to flog the Chinese gaff coats. Still drinking her weight in booze and...
  2. Balooba

    Tignam #24 Tignam #24 Yes, I stole a married man, but we are not going to Pakistan.

    Congratulations to @Melmc for the highest number of votes for a thread title. As you were….. Apologies… winning thread goes to @Melmcs Brief summary of thread #23 Tigs has had the best summer ever according to herself. Non stop travelling following daddy on work trips. Main trip to Estepona...
  3. H

    Tignam #3 Tiggy Tiggy Tiggy can’t you see, your robes are much cheaper on Wish and Ali

    Thread number 3 for Tignam “Melissa Mills Bari” of Insta & housecoat fame. Thanks to @Idontevengohere for the thread suggestion with the most likes 🤩
  4. H

    Tignam #2 swig, swig, swig, Tiggy’s itching to throw a dig

    Thanks @storminagcup for the new title
  5. Kissmeimirish


    Melissa Mills Bari Irish fashion/lifestyle influencer/instagrammer. Founder of MMB luxe robes and pjs.