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  1. Moongirl69

    Madeleine Olivia #4 She puts the AD in Madeleine

    New thread. Thanks to @cherryblossom12345 for the title!
  2. M

    Madeleine Olivia #3 Complaining about commoners while gazing at myself in my Georgian Period Home

    Welcome to thread number three! Title is thanks to @Tom_Nook and was nominated by @grumpy_curry 🥂 Madeleine continues to undermine her supposed sustainable values by doing things like buying plastic containers to organise her over-filled kitchen drawers and cupboards.
  3. M

    Madeleine Olivia #2 Sustainability is so 2018, Buy my affiliates if you want to be green!

    Thread title thanks to @NowIsGood and thank you to @ejco for checking which had the most votes! Anyone want to summarise? It’s not my forte!
  4. B

    Madeleine Olivia

    Hey all, So, what do people think of Madeleine's latest news? After a year of renovating their Cornish Cottage (side note: renovation is an EXTREMELY unsustainable process, so it's ironic she (a sustainability blogger) would do something SO incredibly wasteful. What's more, to add to the...