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"Lucy Locket" is an English language nursery rhyme. It has a Roud Folk Song Index number of 19536.

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  1. N

    Lucy Locket Loves #5 Camel Toes & FOMO Woes

    Thread number 5 to discuss the best leggings for highlighting your reproductive system through camel toes and dodgy mirrored patterns. Thread #4 can be found here:
  2. K9Drea

    Lucy Locket Loves #4 lacklustre leggings - real reviews

    And so it continues šŸ˜Š Previous thread
  3. S

    Lucy locket #3

    And the saga of the leggings continues Let's see what trust pilot say today Think this gets you to the new thread x Tinbath Lucy product trust pilot review
  4. K9Drea

    Lucy Locket Loves #2 Reviews - genuine

    I've moved this to 'quieter' threads as I felt 'influencer' was a bit of a misnomer As you were people :)
  5. Llamabama

    Lucy locket loves

    I donā€™t know whether sheā€™s classed as an influencer or not but I followed Lucy Locket Loves on Facebook for a while because her leggings are awesome - the designs are so funky and colourful but MY GOD that woman does never stop moaning. At least once a day she posts something negative and moan...
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