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  1. shadawayo

    Lucy Jessica Carter #10 so boring the last thread lasted 2 years!

    Thanks to @Bubblepink for the threat suggestion name! :sleep: --- Welcome to the new thread!
  2. gloriouscheesecake

    Lucy Jessica Carter #9 so boring the last thread lasted a year!

    Welcome to the new thread!
  3. calmyourritas

    Lucy Jessica Carter #8 Outfits like you're doing time, hubs has got a new hairline!

    Thanks for the thread title @roseturntupnose with 24 likes I felt like a new thread was needed as we were on page 53! Summary - LJC is still making shit meals in her slow cooker She has made some ridiculous overpriced matching loungewear sets for adults and kids Every post is an ad The twins...
  4. Oohthedrama

    Lucy Jessica Carter #7 content as bland as her meals.

    The last thread is way over so here’s a new thread for Lucy. 🙂 (I have no idea if a title was suggested so I’ve just gone with the last conversation on the thread)
  5. gloriouscheesecake

    Lucy Jessica Carter #6 Holidays begs are frequent, cover that camel toe, looks indecent!

    New thread title by Possum with 35 likes, i believe this was the most like suggestion but do feel free to correct me if i'm wrong Couldn't fit the full title but here it is: LJC - The holiday begs are getting more frequent, cover that camel toe you're looking indecent Recap of last thread...
  6. gloriouscheesecake

    Lucy Jessica Carter #5 Had more kids for a photo prop, daily servings of inedible slop

    I believe this was the thread suggestion with the most likes. Thanks to @itslunchtime!
  7. Oohthedrama

    Lucy Jessica Carter #4 Mum of 4, routine after routine, ever thought of giving your kids some green beans?

    New thread. title suggested by @Fairypop continue here! Use the tag at the top of the page to find threads 1-3 🙂
  8. Oohthedrama

    Lucy Jessica Carter #3 mum of twin girls and 2 boys...rinse & repeat.

    New thread. I couldn’t find any suggestions so I let Lucy suggest one for us. continue here!
  9. Oohthedrama

    Lucy Jessica Carter #2 bbq lasagne 7 days on the trot, she’s having twins believe it or not!

    Thanks to @Ihavetimeforthis for the new thread title!!! God her vlogmas is gonna be a struggle, When we’re getting “how I do my makeup during pregnancy” between screaming boys as day one it can only get....better?!
  10. E

    Lucy Jessica Carter

    Apologies if there is another thread (I couldn't find one for her) but when talking Scammer Mums I think it's only fair Lucy Jessica Carter gets one all to herself. She is one of the worst for not declaring when something is an ad, and having the tiniest hidden #af on every shot of her...