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    Lucille Maciver #5 How she treats her boyfriend remains unfair, content so dull even tattlers don’t care

    New thread. Congrats to @apple727 for the suggestion. Edited slightly to fit. Brief recap (feel free to add as I can barely remember anything) Months later, Lucille and Michael are still living in their flat while the dog lives at home with Lucille’s parent. The dog seems to be a stand in for a...
  2. L

    Lucille Maciver #4 Amazing! stunning! TV unit is never coming!

    New thread, there were no suggestions so I’ve put this one on. brief summary; Michael moved to Inverness but they never spend any time together. She still hasn’t got a tv unit after 2/3 months and apparently the company say it’s out of stock but she won’t cancel the order😂 lucille continues...
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    Lucille Maciver #3 still no sofa but is spreading corona!

    There wasn’t many thread title suggestions so just picked the only one beyond page 48. Thanks @IAmNeverSatisfied anyone want to give a summary?
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    Lucille Maciver #2 can only cook a ready meal but remember she’s only Michael’s Lucille.

    Last thread got a bit too long so made a new one. My suggestion seemed to have the most votes (thank you by the way 😘) so here it is. As you were.
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    Lucille Maciver

    Does anyone else watch her? She does loads of what I eat in a days and vlogs. She eats PURE SHIT. I’ve never seen someone with such a bad diet. The thing that bothers me most is her sister that’s like 17 is dating a 30 year old who has a kid already, but all her family think that’s fine. She’s...