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    Liz Jones #5 The podcast's an unmitigated disaster, about time the Diary was put out to pasture

    Winning thread title by @Miss Lola! Recap: Liz's sister Lyn, horse Benji, and incontinent collie Gracie have all passed away. Liz wrote a totally sensitive and appropriate tribute to Lyn like she did with their other sister whose funeral she was banned from. She also wrote a sycophantic...
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    Liz Jones #4 Why am I so miserable and can't get a shag? Is it because I smell and am a drunken old hag?

    Winning title by Mediastar. Condensed for length, full title is: "Why oh why am I so miserable and can't get a shag? Is it because I smell and am a drunken old hag?" Recap: Liz claimed she was going to Australia, either to see her ailing sister and/or Nigel; so far, she still hasn't gone on the...
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    Liz Jones #3 The FRS proclaimed she looked lovely and young, but then she soiled her Myla thong

    New thread! Many thanks to @Miss Lola for the title. Had to condense it a little to fit it in Close runner-up was @Mediastar with "Catnip Lizard and the Poo Pants of Doom". We could keep that one for a future thread title? Recap: As of this week, the MoS has shunted the Dreary to Mail+ where...
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    Liz Jones #2 Nobody puts the Myla Thong in a corner!

    Previous thread here. Thanks to @Cheeseandchips for the title. Quick recap: Liz missed her once in a lifetime chance to have a COVID vaccine and now cannot visit Nigel in Australia for more jizz loans. David is BLOCKED! BLOCKED! BLOCKED! because he returned £1000 worth of iPhone Liz bought him...
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    Liz Jones - You Magazine Columnist

    Does anyone else read her diary every Sunday? It's such a guilty pleasure for me as I find the woman infuriating and despicable but I can't look away. Today, the mad bat is grumbling that having no privacy is horrendous...while taking a very good wage for writing about her private life in one of...