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  1. Traazers

    Lily Melrose aka Llymlrs #3 She's pregnant!

    Previous thread: The title is basically it as far as recap, she has announced she's pregnant (in public with a sign - cringe) We are unsure if she's going to share anything about the baby or pregnancy as she doesn't...
  2. under the ivy

    Lily Melrose aka Llymlrs #2 Scenior citizen

    Finally made it to thread #2 for Lily šŸ¤£ Thread title inspired by the comment made by @virgofalls on the old thread (post #871). Not much to recap apart from her bad fringe and bad style! Still living that MySpace Scene Queen lifeā€¦
  3. Swipeupyouguys

    Lily Melrose a.ka. llymlrs

    Lily's back! Well, sort of. A year's hiatus of living back with her mum due to rheumatoid arthritis and she has apparently managed to get the worst of the RA under control and moved back to the big smoke. Alas no you tube, but she's doing instagram a lot. I like that ahe appears to have...