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  1. W

    Knappily Ever After #3 Handcock and Gove, sitting in a tree, filming crotch shots for all to see.

    How do you get 3 threads with only 12k follows and inder 10k subs? Be a krap person. Can someone recap for us?
  2. emerald

    Knappily Ever After #2 The Unseasoned Chicken of Disney Instagrammers

    New thread. Thanks to @Eilatan_girl for the title. Sian continues to remain very pleased with herself for having a lot of disposable income and relying on the bank of mum and dad budgeting. She's had five or six holidays this year from merely not going to Costa every day and we are all very...
  3. goofygirlDLP9999

    Knappily Ever After

    Okay, after MUCH discussion about Knappily Ever After in the Disney Vloggers Thread (See threads 1 and onwards here: ) I thought it would be a good idea to create their own thread! I have added them into the 'influencer' category as that's...
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