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  1. Lassie21

    Kerry Keates #5 We need a new title but she's so predictable with the same, boring, never ending cycle

    Hi fellow tattlers, if you are here then the link has clearly worked 👋👋. Same old, same old on,, me, me.....oh and the cactus! 😂😂 🥰🥰
  2. G

    Kerry Keates #4 Drag queen hair, but blue pill popping boyfriend doesn’t care

    So we have now discovered she did see Alex when her boy had covid, and also saw him when they was asleep. Plus both are filtered to the max and love themselves.
  3. LilBoPeep

    KerryLou93 / Kerry Keates #2 Nasty & Mean, Only Happy When A Man On The Scene

    Thread number 2 for Kerry Keates / KerryLou93. Started a new thread as the last was full on 50 pages. Continue here.....
  4. LilBoPeep

    Kerryylou91 / Kerry Keates

    Always involved in drama.has lots of haters all saying the same, not everyone can be wrong. Seems to jump into relationships with other Tiktokers very quickly. Ignores her children while on live, even when they are saying they are hungry. Very opiniated. Preaches be kind but comes for...