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  1. starri

    JoJo’s World #5 Over 1 million subscribers and only 938 views in 1 hour, not what I expected!

    @GreenIsNotACreativeColor takes it for us. Previously...well, the thread title says it all, doesn't it?
  2. starri

    JoJo's World #4 More title changes than viewers.

    @Galaxyprincess starts us out fresh. Previously on JoJo's World: no one watched JoJo's videos.
  3. starri

    JoJo's World #3 One Million Subscribers Are Watching Something Else.

    I wonder what else
  4. starri

    JoJo's World #2 All teeth, no views

    I made a command decision and used @WDWUO83 's suggestion, because it was just so good. Previously, JoJo racked up a half-million subscribers with barely any views.
  5. J

    JoJo's World

    His own thread for his drama.