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  1. Diddikins

    Jessica Wright #5 Vis hates Disney, his clothes are bad taste. Because mummy went from Giovanni to Ham face

    Thanks to @maisy24 for the title. Anyone want to do a recap?
  2. quinzel

    Jessica Wright #4 Forget the Jubliee, Jess has given birth to Mark no.3

    Old thread: Jessica Wright #3 | Tattle Life Thanks to @Cucumber and eggs with winning thread title with 40 likes! Jess has given birth at the swanky Portland. Wonder if they accepted their Aqua card or Klarna? She's still not shown herself. Waiting for a big mag reveal or healing after her...
  3. Blue pumpkin

    Jessica Wright #3

    New thread....#3 Old thread
  4. Sogdhitalley

    Jessica Wright #2

    Thread 2 on Jessica Wright, you know, Mark Wrights sister. šŸ¤£
  5. Sogdhitalley

    Jessica Wright (TOWIE/Mark Wright's sister)

    She needs her own thread so here it is...