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  1. plattyjoobs

    Jake Quickenden #47 Panto Boy loves to creep on anyone new, watch out “he’s behind you”

    New thread title courtesy of @stargirl23, you win VIP tickets to the Scunny Big Night Out! Brief recap, feel free to add - Loft conversion has finally started, although we haven’t actually seen any builders at work - Jake is currently annoying all his new panto cast mates, we have a bet on how...
  2. S

    Jake Quickenden #46 Showing his saggy balls to get a mention quickenden will do anything for attention

    Thanks to @riddleme89 for the brilliant thread suggestion 😂👏🏻 previous thread https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-45-the-wimp-who-claims-he-doesnt-believe-in-bullying-but-abuses-his-wife-on-social-media.35209/page-50#post-12786074
  3. S

    Jake Quickenden #45 The wimp who claims he doesn't believe in bullying, but abuses his wife on social media

    Thank you to @CrazyBaldhead for the great thread title 👏🏻 previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-44-like-a-puppet-on-a-string-tattle-can-make-him-do-anything.35030/page-53 Sophie’s thread https://tattle.life/threads/sophie-church.35205/ Off topic fakey thread...
  4. CrazyBaldhead

    Jake Quickenden #44 Like a puppet on a string, Tattle can make him do anything!

    Thanks to me for the new thread title!! 😏 Previous Thread: https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-43-beggy-mcbegs-not-right-in-the-head-do-us-a-favour-and-get-off-our-thread.34912/ The last thread had its ups and downs. We had a weird vibe emanating from a 'new member' who has...
  5. CrazyBaldhead

    Jake Quickenden #43 Beggy McBeg's not right in the head. Do us a favour and get off our thread!

    Congratulations to me for the new thread title. Recap: It's been a very bizarre series of events tbh and quite obvious everything we document is being read and acted upon in his stories. He stated he was getting tested for ADHD but we found out this was already done in 2018. He's been...
  6. CrazyBaldhead

    Jake Quickenden #42 All dressed up for spooky season. When will he mention his dead dad for no reason?

    Huge congrats to @Lucyxxxx. for our thread title with 29 votes. We had Fakey making a complete arse of himself at the Pride of Britain Awards by dancing in front of the Strictly crew. An utter disgrace when the awards were for humble heroes and he made it all about himself yet again for...
  7. CrazyBaldhead

    Jake Quickenden #41 Jake has got a very small willy. Will he get a real job? Don't be silly!

    Huge congratulations to @Damocles for our new thread title with 39 votes. 😘 Anybody care to do a recap as it's same shit, different day for Fakey. He's so desperate that he's going down the 'mental health' route now although he wouldn't have a clue about true suffering. 😡 Carry on Fakey's...
  8. plattyjoobs

    Jake Quickenden #40 At the NTA’s and he’s kissing males, dressed as a vulva with painted nails

    @bluecups has knocked @Lucyxxxx off the top spot this time with a brilliant title. Old thread here https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-39-even-in-dubai-couldnt-turn-it-down-a-notch-wife-was-in-the-corner-flossing-her-crotch.34283/page-53 Quick recap, feel free to add: - Fakey went to...
  9. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #39 Even in Dubai couldn't turn it down a notch, wife was in the corner flossing her crotch

    Well done to our @Lucyxxxx for another brilliant thread title👏🏼🤣🤣 We are not worthy👸🏼 Recap Unemployed Fake is having a meltdown, being his usual passive aggressive self & attacking anyone who he perceives is having a dig🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s all bantz mate, no need to lose your head😉 Him & flappy...
  10. plattyjoobs

    Jake Quickenden #38 On a family holiday, can Fred join in? Not by the boil on her chinny chin chin

    Queen @Lucyxxxx has done it again with another excellent thread title. Previous thread here: https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-37-hunting-ghosts-on-itvbe-just-dont-tell-the-d-w-p.34026/ Quick recap, feel free to add - still in Dubai on the cheap, Fred left out of the family beach...
  11. plattyjoobs

    Jake Quickenden #37 Hunting ghosts on ITVbe, just don't tell the D.W.P.

    Well done to @Lucyxxxx with another brilliant thread title. Anyone want to do a recap? Previous thread: https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-36-is-it-his-brother-is-it-his-dad-no-its-just-the-ghost-of-the-career-he-never-had.33876/
  12. S

    Jake Quickenden #36 Is it his brother, is it his dad? No, its just the ghost of the career he never had.

    Thank you to @Lucyxxxx for another brilliant thread suggestion with 48 likes 👏🏻 anyone care to do a recap? Although may as well copy and paste the recap from the past 10 threads as this cunt is nothing but predictable. Rinse and repeat. previous thread...
  13. S

    Jake Quickenden #35 Spudgun’s a brat and Fakes on the white, we’re all off to hell but that’s alright!

    Thank you to @turndownforwhat for the brilliant thread suggestion with 43 votes 👏🏻 As usual we’re still being bombarded with the wedding of the century, that we all know is a load of shit. Freddie is still being treated like shit #justiceforfred Our poor fakey is back to “work” but it’s such...
  14. S

    Jake Quickenden #34 Wedding on a tight budget, Mcains wedges and chicken nuggets.

    Thank you @Lucyxxxx for the brilliant thread title with 36 votes 😂 recap : there is none, because surprise surprise the wedding of the year was shocking and these cunts are still rinsing it for all they can last thread...
  15. Yesweknowyouhavekids

    Jake Quickenden #33 Jake’s sham marriage done- we all know he still wants it up the bum

    Thanks to CBS1 for the thread title with the most likes To recap- the ‘England’ wedding took place and Jake ran off as fast as his disgusting Gucci loafers could carry him to sing at a shit hole camp site famous for people getting murdered. Then we had the spectacle of the ‘Ibeefa’ sham...
  16. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #32 Doph at Obeach hanging out while Fakey’s throating Wayne ‘the gout’

    Congrats to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning thread title👏🏼 Brilliant😂 No time for a recap fakeys The wedding is happening🤵🏻👰🏻‍♀️ Enjoy🙌🏼
  17. al255

    Jake Quickenden #31 Lord Farquaad, do you take Quickenden Jake Quickenden to be your awful wedded husband?

    Well done to @bluecups for the winning thread title!!! I’m sure lots of unmarried people will take great inspiration from his amazing suit having the names lovingly hand crafted into it, with some much care and attention. Bravo 👏🏻 So I thought I’d do the honours and create us a new thread..! I...
  18. S

    Jake Quickenden #30 Fake is a prick only Sophie would choose, can somebody burn those rank shoes

    Thank you to @turndownforwhat for the winning thread title with 32 votes 👏🏻 Had to edit it slightly to fit in - the original is Jake Quickenden #30: Fake is a prick only Sophie would choose, can somebody please burn those rank fucking shoes!!! Last thread...
  19. S

    Jake Quickenden #29 #justiceforFred

    Thanks @Twinkal86 for the thread suggestion. Think we can all agree this one is extremely apt. Fakey and lord F I hope you read this in shame with how you treat that poor boy. anyone able to do a recap? Last thread...
  20. S

    Jake Quickenden #28 Dressed to impress in Ali Express. The Prickendens are just a Poundland Posh and Beck

    Congratulations to @Hayze2384 for the brilliant thread suggestion title with a whopping 46 likes 👏🏻 (More than fakey will ever get from his ‘fans’) 😂 the poll in the last thread has been decided and our collective name is now the fakeys, how apt 😉 let’s watch this shit Show of a...
  21. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #27 Cancelling the kids holiday to Devon, whilst still glued to their phones 24/7

    Massive well done to @Nahmate100 for the winning thread title🙌🏼❤️ I can’t really do an epic recap as I have been MIA lately🤦🏼‍♀️ but what I will say is they’re still massive cunts! Both still jobless, still beggars, still selfish and still so self absorbed that no one else figures in their life...
  22. S

    Jake Quickenden #26 in his head he's Aston Kutcher. Wearing jewellery like that he's more Pat Butcher!

    Well done to @CrazyBaldhead for the winning thread suggestion with 43 likes. I had to share the amazing poem our @bluecups wrote for fakey, it’s brilliant 😂 Jake is being far too dull, this is very disappointing. I have written a prayer in this time of need, I hope it reaches him. Let us pray...
  23. S

    Jake Quickenden #25 his neck, his back he’s a useless old ball sack

    Thanks to @Yesweknowyouhavekids for the brilliant title with 55 likes 👍🏻 I’ve never made a thread before so I hope this works 😂 can anyone do a recap? We need our @Jac In The Box ❤️ previous thread...
  24. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #24 Didn’t get his latest job He looks too young? or they know he’s a 🍆

    Recap from last thread Leo was staying over with nanny su while daddy done his 2 hours work & mummy went on her hen do. Where the most exciting thing to happen was her wear a pair of trousers that cost £300 to look as tho she had been getting groped by Edward scissorhands or Freddie Krueger all...
  25. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #23 What’s next? Woe is me from the grief thief or a topless pic showing his turkey teef

    Thank you for the votes on my thread title❤ For a while there, we were getting through a thread a week but Fake is sooooo boring that last one lasted nearly two🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Sad times when even tattlers can’t be arsed to rip you a new one😂 Fake spent a week at Su the enablers whilst doing his 2 hour...
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