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  1. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #19 Imaginary tinnitus, bad back & sore throat Jake Munchausen hates FL wants a sicknote

    Thanks to @bluecups for the amazing thread title👏🏼😂 Sorry guys but there won’t be any amazing recap this time because even I can’t make these cunts sound interesting🤷🏼‍♀️ Plus I don’t see why I should when the content they’re putting out is absolute shite!🥱 From Jake we have fake illness...
  2. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #18 Jake’s an ick, always sick, million bots but still a [email protected]

    Thanks to our @Philimena cunk for the winning thread title🙌🏼😂 Belter👏🏼 Sums our fake up perfectly🤣 Recap Since the last thread not a lot has happened because the Ickenden family’s content is 💩 Insta - Jake had his lifetime ambition fulfilled with a sell out gig, Soph had her sell out ITS hen...
  3. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #17 Hit the 1 MIL & still no work, keeps coming to tattle to have a good lurk😂

    Congrats to @BringTheTea83 for the amazing thread title🙌🏼 I say you drink wine more often🍷🤣 He made it guys🎉🙌🏼 1 million bots followers! He didn’t even have to do any giveaways, buy Bots or join grows😉 All 100% authentic Fake fanatics😂 The family returned from America and Fake’s content was...
  4. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #16 Begging & buying even joining a grow Jake doesn’t care about followers don’t ya know

    Congrats to me for the winning thread title🤦🏼‍♀️ Recap - Still waiting for the magic million😂 Fake has been trying everything in his power to reach that elusive million with no success😂 He shared it to Twitter and got annihilated🤣 He tried to play it down by saying it was all for a laugh when...
  5. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #15 Road to 1 mill is a long one for Jake maybe he’d have got there if he wasn’t so FAKE

    Thanks nasty trolls for voting my thread title as the winner🙌🏼 Unfortunately I’m not a beggar so I can’t have a horse in my kitchen to celebrate😂 This thread is going to be the one that Fake fulfils his lifelong dream of getting to 1 million bots followers🤢 We have done all we can to stop it...
  6. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #14 Buying followers for the gram, took Leo on loose woman and nobody gave a damn😂

    Big shoutout to @BringTheTea83 for the brilliant thread title🙌🏼 No long recap this morning ladies because with his antics so far this morning I just know this thread will be on fire today🤦🏼‍♀️ So I thought I better get a new one started quickly😂 All we need to know is Jake is still a cunt! He...
  7. Damocles

    Jake Quickenden #13 Went on telly looking like Ali G..."Come see footloose?" Nah Jake, not even for free

    Congrats to me for winning thread title with 27 votes. previous thread here https://tattle.life/threads/jake-quickenden-12-blocking-and-deleting-all-night-then-needs-his-gummies-to-feel-alright.27483/ Anyone care to do a recap?
  8. Eyeofthetiger

    Jake Quickenden #12 Blocking and deleting all night, Then needs his gummies to feel alright!

    Well done @bananabread123 for the winning title! Hope I’ve done it right! Can someone recap, I don’t have the time!
  9. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #11 Tattle living rent free in his head whilst he’s still lying in his bed

    Huge congrats to our @Nahmate100 for the winning thread title👏🏼 Sums fake Jake up👍🏼 Quick recap Jake’s good guy mask slipped in spectacular style to reveal the nasty, bullying prick that he really is! Sophie went out to get her hair done & left father of the year to look after his own son for...
  10. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #10 Jake & Soph are in the big apple, hasn’t stopped them finding time to read TATTLE

    Where do I even start with this recap😱🤷🏼‍♀️ Dad of the year Jake has missed his son sooooo much while he’s been away in Panto for weeks, boohoo😩 We know this because that’s all he’s talked about & we’ve been subjected everyday to pictures of them on FaceTime to prove it🥱 Poor Jake, it must be...
  11. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #9 Dancing topless with young girls🕺🏻 “Oh no he didn’t!”😳 “Oh yes he did!”🤢

    Thought I’d start a new thread before everyone goes off to enjoy Christmas with their loved ones❤️ Quick recap. Fake Jake, in the lead up to his golden child’s first Christmas, instead of feeling festive & full of joy, has been non stop moaning🙄 He has moaned about how tired he is from working...
  12. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #8 Using his son as a prop, because his career is a flop

    Thought I better start a new thread seeing as there is something major happening on the latest one that will continue for a few more days/pages😳 Namely Jake being an absolute cunt as usual😡 A concerned tattler messaged the Theatre where dickhead is being a nuisance to all his ‘friends’ (nothing...
  13. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #7 begging to be named on a gritter, Soph wants the ring down the loo

    Thanks to our @Damocles for the amazing thread title as always👌🏼👏🏼 Sorry had to adjust to fit☹️ Recap since last thread Jake has become heavyweight champion of the world after 3 minutes in the ring with his pal Marce who didn’t even hit him back🙄 Bianca is living rent free in his head Ads...
  14. Jac In The Box

    Jake Quickenden #6 Goes to tattle for help with baby, is relationship a sham, dunno, maybe

    Thanks to @Damocles for thread title👏🏼 Sorry, I had to tweak it to fit👍🏼 Jake still being a twat, also behaving like a brat! Both him & soph still on the beg constantly🙄 Strap yourselves in lovelies because this thread will probably be all about his big job this weekend🥊 Keep everything...
  15. Damocles

    Jake Quickenden #4 Gives me the ick, the constant begging makes me feel sick

    Well Done to @Jac In The Box for the winning thread title With 28 Votes Previous Threads Here https://tattle.life/tags/jake-quickenden-sophie-church/ Quick Recap: Still posting unfunny icks. Gone on an as of yet undeclared gifted holiday. Posted A Plethora of ads whilst on said as of yet...
  16. L

    Jake Quickenden #3 On the beg for this & that, thinks he’s god’s gift when he's a twonk

    Well done to @Jac In The Box for the winning thread suggestion. Had to adjust it slightly to fit. "Always on the beg for this & that, thinks he’s god’s gift when he’s really a twat". Recap: Still doesn't own any shirts, topless on most of his stories, doing shit loads of ADS, banging on about...
  17. Snarkysnarky

    Jake Quickenden & Sophie Church #2 He’d set fire to his gran to make content for the Gram

    Thanks to @letsmeltthatlard for the thread suggestion, edited slightly to fit. Quick recap on last thread: Ad, gifted, trolls, beg, trolls, topless, tired, trolls, baby, workout, trolls. Did I mention trolls? First time setting up a thread so I’ve probably made a mess of something! Mod edit...
  18. O

    Jake Quickenden and Sophie Church

    Anyone following? I don’t get it.... is he being genuine or is he taking the mick out of other well known instagram accounts with the constant cleaning and spraying febreeze? 🤔
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